Feijóo launches his investiture as a motion of censure against Sánchez’s coalition of ‘losers’

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo, leader of the PP and winner of the elections of the 23-J With 8,091,082 votes, he goes to Congress this Tuesday, more than to request the confidence of the Chamber and to be invested as President of the Government, with the purpose of launching a full-fledged motion of censure against Pedro Sánchez and his intention to remain in office. power at all costs, even though it has lost the elections in votes and seats and the bill to achieve it involves shaking the foundations of the Rule of Law, bursting the seams of the constitutional framework, amending the plan of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court and destroy the principle that the law is the same for everyone.

This is the very high price of the votes that Sánchez lacks to ensure a new term, long or short, in La Moncloa. The price that he is willing to pay and that today, given the uncertainty that the country is experiencing, he will try to crudely expose black on white, with all its edges and the multiple contradictions of him, the PP candidate.

Feijóo arrives at the debate encouraged by the clamor of the tens of thousands of people that he managed to summon on Sunday in Madrid against the increasingly clear plans of the socialist leader, but in Congress, unlike in the street, he will crash against a wall.

Feijóo will propose an alternative but it will not succeed. And he and his party know it, which is why what is being decided this week, more than an investiture, is a censure of what Sánchez has already done and also, preventively, of everything that is to come.

However, the applicant popular He will not give up on developing his future project, launching proposals, making announcements. In short, to begin paving a path that sooner or later he believes will lead him to La Moncloa. His speech will be much more directed at the citizens than at those who occupy the seats in Congress, convinced as he is, they point out in the PP, that behind him stands “a social majority that abhors independence blackmail and wants State pacts.” .

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