Feijóo plants himself before Bildu: "I leave your votes to Sánchez, I don’t want them"

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The two Basque parties, EH Bildu and the PNV, openly opposed to each other, have confirmed their agreement in rejecting the investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo and giving their support to the next attempt by Pedro Sánchez, although they also claim to have “little trust” in the socialist. In the words of the Basque nationalist spokesman, the reason is simple: “Between Feijóo and amnesty, amnesty.”

The leader of the PP has chosen to respond to the Basque formations jointly, as he did yesterday with the two Catalan independence forces. For Feijóo, Bildu’s words, as long as he does not apologize for the ETA murders, “have no value.” He has stated: “I leave Bildu’s votes to Mr. Sánchez, I don’t want them.”

For the leader of the PP, Bildu is not comparable to the rest of nationalisms and independence movements: “No, you are something else.” And after this reflection, he has warned the PNV: “Be careful, because Bildu is beginning to win the marathon.” Feijóo, in a serious tone, recalled that the party patriot has had “for many years in its sights” people from the PP. “His widows, his children and her brothers must be very grateful to them,” he stated, provoking closed applause from the bench. popular. And in his very harsh speech against Bildu, he has reproached the socialist leader for his “curdling” for agreeing with someone who did not hesitate to attack his own colleagues. Pedro Sánchez, while the debate was going on like this, was only aware of his cell phone.

The PP candidate for the investiture has stressed: “I respect the PNV, not Bildu.” “Bildu is the only party in Spain that should have a cordon sanitaire,” he stated before criticizing the PSOE for now dedicating itself to “whitewashing” it.

Bildu has made its debut in the debate by reaffirming what everyone knew, that the six deputies abertzales They will vote with a “resounding no” for the PP candidacy. For “reactionary”, in the words of its parliamentary spokesperson, Mertxe Aizpurua, who has declared himself “anti-fascist.” And Feijóo’s response has been withering: “Fascism? Please, why don’t you guys look at each other?”

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