Feijóo points directly against Sánchez and the amnesty: "I won’t do it because I have principles, limits and a word"

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo has opened his speech as a candidate for the Presidency of the Government shooting directly against the amnesty and a self-determination referendum as the independentists demand to give their support to Pedro Sánchez and he seems willing to accept. “That would be enough” to obtain the investiture, the candidate stressed, “but I will not do it because I have principles, limits and a word.”

With this blunt statement, the leader of the PP has made it clear that his project does not include any of these two demands, which are “neither legally nor ethically acceptable” because “outside the Constitution There is no democracy.”

“I will not renounce the equality of the Spanish people nor will I go through any hoops to be president of the Government,” he assured, before adding that with these principles, “the PP won the elections.” “In the municipal, in the regional and in the general of the 23-J“. In the latter with 137 seats, “more than Pedro Sánchez has ever achieved in all the elections in which he has stood.”

Feijóo has responded to the criticism of the PSOE for having accepted the King’s proposal to be the first candidate for the investiture. “Why don’t you want us to be here?” He snapped at them. And he himself has responded: “Because this session portrays all of us. Those who present themselves as a free candidate and those who have not been and will not be one and those who put the general interest before their personal ambition and those who did not and did not do so.” will do. In short, it portrays me and it portrays you, Mr. Sánchez.”

From there Feijóo has assured that his alternative is designed to recover “concord” and to promote “the broad consensus that Spain needs.” The candidate has assured that he “claims the Transition, its memory and its validity”, that he intends to “deepen what is common to us” and “not dig into frenzy.”

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