Feijóo predicts that Sánchez will form "a broken government" and that the amnesty "It will be your end"

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The second act of the PP against the possible amnesty for the crimes of the process It was not intended as a display of strength, like the one that exceeded expectations in Madrid, on September 24, with more than 60,000 attendees, but as a flying goal on the road to the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. Unlike the previous street mobilization, this was a rally.

Specifically, a pre-campaign rally, with harangues of demands and calls to the polls to vote “amnesty yes or amnesty no.” In the Toledo Town Hall Square – punished by a freezing wind – 1,000 people were expected and about 1,300 have attended.

As there is no date yet for the investiture (it depends on PSOE and Junts reaching an agreement), the popular have decided to hold an event in the street every Sunday to denounce the bankruptcy of the “equality” of all citizens: Toledo (today), Málaga (October 29) and Valencia (October 5), for now.

“We are in the streets because we are the majority, the calm, optimistic majority, who believes in Spain,” stressed Alberto Núñez Feijóo. “This is much more than a rally. Here we are summoned by 45 years of democracy that we are not willing to let anyone take away from us. The right to progress in freedom and equal opportunities is inalienable,” the Galician leader emphasized.

In the central part of his speech, Feijóo has accused Pedro Sánchez of “disturbing democracy” with his concessions to the independence movement: “They get into an office to agree against the Spanish. They are the ones who have cornered themselves in the offices , the secretive ones and the furtive meetings” to seek “the benefit of a few”, he exclaimed.

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