Feijóo raises the complaint to Europe that Sánchez is in the hands of Puigdemont and settles the internal debate in the PP about Catalonia

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Unprecedented electoral results, unacceptable pacts by the country’s acting president, personal and territorial integrity, threats to the rule of law and “illegal, undemocratic and immoral” amnesties. These are the issues that the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, put on the European table this Thursday in a meeting with members of his political family in Brussels, wanting to explain how 47 million people are in the hands of Carles Puigdemont , fled, claimed by Justice, the man whom the President of the Government now in office promised to bring and with whom his political survival is now being negotiated.

Before each European Council, the groups organize meetings with their prime ministers, community leaders and opposition leaders, to be on the same page, set priorities and outline lines of action. Feijóo attended the meeting, the first since the Spaniards went to the polls in July, and the message he wanted to convey is that he could have been president, but he said no because he was not willing to pay the price, something that has been applauded and recognized by his people, as explained by those around him. He also believes that the rule of law is in danger and that the government’s policy does not reflect the feelings of citizens, especially in foreign policy. “I have apologized to my colleagues on behalf of the Spanish people for embarrassing us and for the outbursts,” he said in reference to the position of the Executive, or rather part of it, both on the war in Ukraine and on the Hamas attacks. and Israel’s response.

The European agenda is very busy this month of October, but so is the national one. Leader popular has met with the president of the European People’s Party and strong candidate to lead Poland, Donald Tusk. And also with the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders. His figure is one of the most important right now for the opposition in Spain. Citizens and PP write and call him constantly, sending him all the news about what is happening in our country, both at the level of the CGPJ or the Constitutional Court and about the possible amnesty law, not to mention the reform of embezzlement crimes. The commissioner is very on top, he knows perfectly the situation, the position of the parties, but right now he is silent. Reynders does not want to rule on the possible amnesty law while there is no formal text, and/or while the judges ask him to intervene at the highest level. But he listens to the parties.

“All countries know that I was only three votes away from the presidency and that another candidate, the second party that lost the elections, is trying to build an alternative. And they know perfectly well the conditions of separatism for the investiture. It is inevitable to give them information,” has said about their conversations. “With Commissioner Reynders we have talked about issues that are related to Spain. The rule of law, of course, and the amnesty is part of that,” explained Núñez Feijóo.

“The specific conversations belong to the private sphere. I have spoken to you about the amnesty, of course, because it affects the rule of law. I cannot be more explicit but I cannot be more sincere either. It affects the rule of law of any country, such as Eurocrimes such as embezzlement and corruption affect everyone. The commissioner knows the situation in Spain very well. He has traveled, he was recently in Barcelona with the president of the Generalitat, he will return… and he has a lot of information about what is happening in the area.” , has settled on that meeting that lasted about an hour and that the popular team considers a success.

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