Feijóo refuses to meet with Junts after hearing Puigdemont’s demands: "If the requirement is amnesty, we can save it"

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo no longer seeks to meet with Junts. Until yesterday, the PP defended tooth and nail to speak with co-religionists of Carles Puigdemont, within its round of contacts for the investiture. But this Tuesday, after hearing the independence leader demand requirements that “deny the very essence of democracy”, he no longer sees the meeting as necessary. “We can save them and us the meeting.”

“We have all heard Puigdemont speak very clearly. After learning his position, if he is going to propose an amnesty, both Junts and the PP can save the meeting,” he assured at a press conference in Congress. “If the approach is the same and the requirement is to commit an amnesty” before the investiture, without further nuances, there will be no meeting.

Of course, “if Junts wants to make clarifications, tell us,” Feijóo added, leaving the door slightly ajar. “But in this context, everything seems to indicate that the most operative thing is not to have a meeting, because in the face of that proposal” for a prior amnesty “the answer is no,” he has settled.

Later, PP sources have pointed out that what has changed is that Puigdemont “has hardened his conditions”, by requesting that the amnesty procedures be a “prerequisite” for his support for the investiture, and by demanding a mediator and continuing by way of unilateralism.

“The formal declaration of the demand for amnesty is a relevant fact,” stressed Feijóo, who has downplayed his change of position and has assured that he had not “perceived concern” in the PP. “My party knows that I have a responsibility, that of being a candidate for the presidency of the Government and I have to listen to the parties. If what the spokespersons of the Junts Congress are going to tell me is the same [que Puigdemont], we can save the meeting; If there are nuances, we can continue to hear what Junts or any other party wants to tell us,” the PP leader has refined.

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