Feijóo strikes a harsh tone of opposition: "We must turn on all democratic alerts"

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s reply to Pedro Sánchez’s investiture speech has served the leader of the PP to set the tough tone of opposition that he wants to maintain during the coming months. At least, until there are elections again (the next national elections are the European elections in June 2024).

Feijóo has been very forceful in his rejection of the amnesty, but without falling into the delegitimization of the president and without talking about the fact that Sánchez “has snuck a dictatorship through the back door” as Isabel Diaz Ayuso. And then, he has pulled back to portray the members of the PSOE, with special attention to the PNV, Junts and Podemos, who have found it ugly that they accept policies that they do not share.

As if he wanted to alternate dialectical traces of the gravity of Aznar and the sarcasm of Rajoy, Feijóo has measured his speech to the millimeter to be both harsh and ironic. To mercilessly charge against the amnesty and against the pacts of the PSOE, but trying not to give rise to the debate being that of the “crispation” of the right.

For example: if the Vox spokesperson, Pepa Millancalled the socialist general secretary a “coup plotter” and an “apprentice tyrant”, the president of the PP remained that the investiture “was born from an electoral fraud” and we must “turn on all democratic alerts.”

“Sánchez is the perfect fit for the shoe that trampled our nation and our Constitution. No one has done more for the independence movement than Mr. Sánchez. The hunger of the independence movement has been added to Sánchez’s desire to eat,” the leader of the opposition to the acting president.

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