Feijóo warms up for 24-S in defense of equality for Spaniards "even if it costs us the Presidency of the Government"

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Alberto Núñez Feijóo is already warming up for the event against the amnesty scheduled for next Sunday, September 24 and, just a week before, he held a preview with an event “For the Equality of Spaniards” in Santiago de Compostela in which he was firm in his commitment to defend “the freedom and equality” of all citizens “whatever it costs us, even if it costs us the Presidency of the Government of Spain.”

feijóo warned that “we are not going to remain silent no matter how much they want” and will organize that 24-S event because what is happening in Spain “goes beyond the parties and the acts that the parties propose” and “it goes much further beyond the acronyms”, means defending that the Government “belongs to all Spaniards and not to a specific political elite”.

With this act, the leader of the PP returned to what has become his fetish place for big advertisements, the multipurpose Sources of Sar in which he announced his leap into national politics in 2022, and invited massive attendance to Madrid within a week and “defend the equality of all, wherever they live, vote what they vote and propose what they propose.”

“Less amnesty, less inequalities, less talk about earpieces, and more talk about equality, solidarity, work and the future, what is talked about in Galicia, which is what matters to people,” summarized the president of the PP and the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Ruedahis successor in both positions, and who gave him the floor thanking him for not wanting to become the Government “at any price.”

The act, presented by the PP deputy in Congress Marta Gonzalez on behalf of the 13 Galician deputies and 12 senators, it was an exhibition of strength by the party in Galicia that aims to be a preview of what will be seen on 9/24. Own Alfonso Rueda He stressed that “you have to get muscle” and this Sunday it was done, with people who had to stay outside the venue due to lack of space.

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