Feijóo will activate the judicial process against the amnesty and is willing to take it to Europe to stop it

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If the Government ends up approving a hypothetical amnesty for the crimes of the process, Alberto Núñez Feijóo will put all his resources to combat it. The PP would not only appeal it before the Spanish Justice, but is already studying the possibility of raising the issue to the European courts, according to the sources consulted. But in Genoa they emphasize that “nothing is decided until we see the text”… if an initiative is finally presented that more or less directly addresses the clean slate that Junts per Catalunya demands in exchange for voting in favor of the investiture of Pedro Sánchez.

“There is a part of Europe to which, with the amnesty, we are telling that the crime did not exist” that the Spanish Justice has already judged “because Sánchez does decide it based on his professional needs,” they explain to this newspaper at the address national of the popular. “We will look for a way for this issue to also have visibility in Europe,” they add. “The Amnesty Lawwhen it arrives, we are going to fight it by land, sea and air, and we are not going to allow inequality of treatment between Andalusians, for example, and Catalans, and even between first-class Catalans, those of the processand the rest,” explains a Popular Party spokesperson.

Génova plans to reach any community body – the Constitutional Court generates, today, “suspicions” – and raise its voice in any forum of political denunciation. “No avenue is ruled out, but nothing has been decided until we see the text,” sources say, clarifying that if Sánchez has not already presented the amnesty it has been because “it is not easy to fit it” into a formula that aims to circumvent its unconstitutionality.

In addition to judicial means, the PP will use “any mechanism” at its “reach” to oppose the amnesty. In that sense, Feijóo has announced a territorial offensive against the amnesties, as he advanced THE WORLD on September 7, through motions for the socialists to “portrait themselves.” «The response to the separatist challenge cannot be a mere dialectical confrontation between Genoa and Ferraz. The responsibility is collective. No politician is going to be able to hide his opinion. “We will take an initiative in favor of the equality of Spaniards and against the privileges of pro-independence politicians in the courts, assemblies, and city councils,” he assured, during his speech before the National Board of Directors of the PP, the highest body of the party between congresses.

This is how they explain it in the circle of the president of the most voted party: “We are not going to let the internal pressure within the PSOE only come from people from the PSOE like Felipe Gonzalez, Alfonso Guerra and other leaders of the past. “Now we want to ensure that those who continue to receive money from the PSOE have the opportunity to be consistent with their past decisions and statements.” “We are going to make those from the PSOE say that they are fine with the amnesty” in each municipality and community, they insist.

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