Feijóo you see "possible" that Sánchez accepts "a referendum disguised as a consultation"

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The president of the PP believes that the amnesty “has already been agreed” and sees it “possible” that Pedro Sánchez agrees with Junts and ERC “a referendum disguised as a consultation” that would not be binding, since if not, “he would not be able to do it.” In an interview granted to The critical look of Telecincothe leader of the PP has assured that “there is no Spaniard” who “knows exactly what Mr. Sánchez is negotiating” because he “hides” it, and if he hides it, it means that the amnesty is already discounted.

The day after his party displayed its territorial muscle in the Senate, Alberto Núñez Feijóo has harshly criticized the opacity of the negotiations for the investiture between the PSOE and the independentists, and has regretted that the Government did not want to participate in the General Commission of the Autonomous Communities to maintain that “absolute” information blackout. The PP points above all to the president of Castilla la Manchawho has been critical of the amnesty, but did not go to the Upper House to say so.

Feijóo believes that the president of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, “gave some information yesterday” in said commission about what the PSOE is going to do to ensure that Sánchez remains in office. The Moncloa. The ERC leader pointed out that the amnesty is only the starting point and that Catalans will end up voting on whether to belong to Spain, even though this is flagrantly unconstitutional.

But the president of the PP believes that he could try it surreptitiously, because “the word of the Government and of Sánchez do not quote upwards.” “If Sánchez heard what he said a few years, months or days ago, he would make a motion of censure against his own statements,” he said.

What happens in Spain will be decided by Puigdemont in Brussels, a fugitive from justice, has continued. “It’s very hard, it seems like science fiction,” she added. “If Puigdemont wants elections, he will have them. And if he wants to give the votes to Sánchez and he convinces Podemos, he will have an investiture,” he has judged.

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