Feijóo’s phrase to Sánchez during their handshake: "This is a mistake, you are responsible for what you just did"

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When the result of the vote was confirmed, Alberto Núñez Feijóo came to shake hands with Pedro Sánchez as already inaugurated president. “I told him this was a mistake, but he is responsible for what he just did.” This was revealed by the leader of the PP himself to the media as he left the Chamber.

Definitely defeated, Feijóo wanted to send a warning message to his electorate and wanted to reiterate that he will fight against the amnesty. “Are we going to continue working for our country? The answer is yes. Are we worried about the situation in which this president enters, subject to a monthly contract that the independence movement must sign? The answer is also yes.”

For Feijóo, the “mistake” of giving in to the demands of Junts and ERC will cost Spain dearly: “Let the European Parliament debate the basis of this investiture next Wednesday, which is an amnesty law for the independence movement and “If the rule of law is guaranteed in Spain, it is the worst way to start a legislature, because it affects our international reputation and without a doubt affects our democracy.”

“I am leaving more worried than when I entered and I have also seen that the Socialist Party is clearly in the hands of those who want recognition of a nation other than that of Spain and a self-determination referendum,” detailed the president of the PP. “And if this is not done, as they said yesterday, this legislature is in danger.”

After asking for a repeat election, Feijóo must now change his attitude and focus on the opposition to the parliamentary majority that Pedro Sánchez has brought together. “What Spain needs is stability, and not danger; the democratic alerts are on,” he stressed, just as he did yesterday.

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