Felipe González increases the pressure on Sánchez for the amnesty before the Federal Committee: "Not everything is valid to govern"

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The former president of the Government Felipe Gonzalez He stressed this Friday that “not everything goes for governing” and warned that in an amnesty it would be the State “that asks for forgiveness, not the one that forgives.” Asked by journalists in Avilés (Asturias) about the position of the Catalan Economic Circle, in favor of an amnesty conditional on the renunciation of unilateralism, González considered that they “conceptually confuse” the amnesty, which “is not a forgiveness” because ” forgiveness is pardon.”

As he stated, “amnesty is erasing responsibility”, which “does not exist”, and which “becomes the responsibility of the democratic State.” In this way, he continued, “those who did the right thing were those who violated the Constitution and the Statute” and those responsible for the disconnection laws and the referendum, so that “then it is the State that asks for forgiveness, not the that forgives.”

“There are things that are not worth it”González stressed before reflecting: “If you say that amnesty or self-determination do not fit, and the next day the votes are counted and you say, well, it seems that they do fit…”. After specifying that he responds to the Catalan leaders, “who are the ones who speak”, he said that he wants to “see the letter” because “otherwise it is a mess in which one says one thing and another says another.”

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