Felipe González warns Sánchez that he still "It’s on time" to tell Puigdemont "So far we have come"

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The former president of the Government Felipe González has considered today that the acting head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, still “has time” to tell the former president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, “we have come this far” and has warned that the amnesty represents “opening a melon” whose consequences “will be worse.”

He expressed this in a video released by the Felipe González Foundation in which González reflects on current political events, reiterates that the amnesty is contrary to the Constitution and calls for serenity after the violent protests this week near the headquarters of the PSOE in Madrid that “overflow the limit of coexistence”

He has reaffirmed that he is “disciplined” with the party’s positions and has criticized that, after the 23rd elections, in the PSOE there has been “a rapid evolution” in favor of an amnesty when there are no “legal” or ” policies” to “begin to open a melon whose consequences we are already experiencing and will be worse,” he warned.

It has been asked whether this change is due to political “opportunism” or an opportunity to “calm political life” around the Catalan conflict.

The former president recalled that just as he was in favor of pardons for those accused of the process -who believes they worked, he has clarified-, is now against the amnesty because the first was to reduce the sentence and meant a “partial pardon” and the second forces him to “ask for forgiveness” from a fugitive from Justice like Puigdemont.

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