Felipe VI celebrates 9 years as "Constitutional King", "with the same solidity and illusion" y "Looking to the future"

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Felipe VI celebrates this June 19 his ninth anniversary on the throne. A date that the Head of State has passed fulfilling his agenda. However, the celebration has coincided with a day of significant burden in his public commitments. the Kings Abdullah and Rania from Jordan are on a business trip to Spain for the Aqaba process. That is why Don Felipe, during the lunch held at the Royal Palace that they have organized together with the Queen, has spoken a few words, in which he has reflected on this date.

“Throughout these 9 years, I have carried out my responsibilities with sense of duty and institutional respect; with loyalty to the citizens – honoring my commitments with the Spaniards – and to the values ​​and constitutional principles; always with a will to serve to Spain, of which the Crown is a symbol of its unity and permanence”, Don Felipe has summarized, making his own the duties that the Constitution mandates in the articles that regulate the figure of the Head of State. Felipe VI has assured that nine years ago years ago, in his Proclamation speech, he shared with the Spanish his “convictions, feelings and will“, who continue “with the same illusion” nine years later. Don Felipe has assured that “the sense and meaning” of that speech “has not changed” and that they will continue “orienting towards the future”: “Guiding my actions as Constitutional King”, he expressed in a speech prior to a lunch that for a moment seemed like a renewal of what was promised nine years ago.

However, this time their audience was the kings of Jordan, with whom they are united by “a very close friendship, a reciprocal, deep and sincere understanding”, recalled Don Felipe. The Monarchs will travel together this afternoon to Córdoba, where they will participate in a dinner prior to the Aqaba process, an initiative launched by Abdallah in 2015 to improve coordination and the exchange of experience and information to combat terrorism and extremism. It is the first time that it has been held in Spain and for this reason, both Heads of State will inaugurate the peace conferences in Córdoba on Tuesday.

Felipe VI recalled that the city is a symbol of “coexistence and civilization” at a key moment in the search for peace, a value that “is being questioned in the world”, affirmed the King, recalling “Russia’s unjust aggression against Ukraine, which has once again brought war to Europe, breaking the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine and its territorial integrity”. But Don Felipe has not only remembered Ukraine, the King has spoken of the conflict in Palestine -the oldest and most central of all-, assuring that the just and lasting solution “goes through the materialization of the States, which we must preserve”. The King has remembered the role of jordan as custodian of the esplanade of the Mosques and has affirmed that “Spain and Jordan must continue working together to achieve the resolution of these conflicts based on international legality”.

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