Felipe VI faces his tenth round of consultations in 9 years on Monday, the same as Juan Carlos I in 39 years

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The political instability It has become the main problem in Spain. And in one of the great challenges of Felipe VI, who according to article 56 of the Constitution, “arbitrates and moderates the regular functioning of the institutions.” But since he came to the Throne, that function has become increasingly complicated. Proof of this is that soon Don Felipe will face his tenth round of consultations, the same ones that his father maintained in 39 years of reign, but he reached that figure in 9 and a half years in front of the Head of State.

Zarzuela has once again complied with the procedures established in the Constitution. Felipe VI commissioned Alberto Núñez Feijóo to form a Government after the rounds of consultations in August. The decision was criticized by some sectors of the PSOE, who saw that the King had commissioned a failed legislative attempt. However, Casa Real explained in a statement that the election was motivated by the offer of the leader of the Popular Party and because since the Constitution was established, except in one legislature, the candidate of the Popular Party had always been in charge. political group with the most seats, so it had become customary.

After Feijóo’s failed attempt, the president of Congress, Francina Armengol, met this Friday with the King, to whom she transferred the result of the investiture vote. After which, Felipe VI has decided to hold new consultations with the representatives designated by the political groups with parliamentary representation. next October 2nd and 3rd, as they have made public in a statement.

To understand this situation of instability we must place ourselves in 2015, the year in which the custom of the candidate with the most votes being the one designated to form the Government and carrying out his task ended. Felipe VI commissioned Mariano Rajoy to form the executive, and the president of the popular rejected that assignment, the first time that someone did not follow the King’s command.

At that time the King held a second and third round of consultations, without any party being able to form a Government. Deadlines exhausted, it was necessary repeat the elections.

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