Female Passengers Experience Indecent Deeds in TransJakarta

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A female passenger experienced indecent acts from a male passenger in Transjakarta corridor 6M on the Manggarai-Blok M route on Friday (24/6) evening.

This was confirmed by the Head of the Corporate Secretary Division of PT Transportation Jakarta (Transjakarta) Anang Rizkani Noor.

Anang explained that the incident occurred when the bus was approaching the Pasar Rumput bus stop. The incident, said Anang, was reported to the Halte Service Officer (PLH) when the bus stopped at the Pasar Rumput Bus Stop.

“The two passengers were questioned by officers and it was concluded that this incident was not intentional. Both parties signed an agreement to resolve the incident,” explained Anang in a written statement.

Based on monitoring CNNIndonesia.com Officers at the Pasar Rumput Bus Stop gave warnings to passengers on other buses, one of which was Transjakarta corridor 4 on the Pulo Gadung-Tosari route which was heading to Pulo Gadung.

“That’s behind all please come forward. [Penumpamg] women also please come forward,” shouted one of the officers.

The condition of the bus at that time was quite crowded. Even so, the passengers acted proactively by following the warnings given by the officers and immediately shifted to the women’s area on the front side.

Not long ago, there was sexual harassment in the Commuter Line KRL series which happened to a female student.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for East Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Ahsanul Muqaffi explained that the incident of harassment experienced by a grade 2 SMK student occurred on Tuesday (21/6) night.

The incident began when the victim met the perpetrator with the initials AS at the Istiqlal Mosque, Central Jakarta.

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The perpetrator claimed to be able to reveal the aura of the victim. The victim who was deceived by the lure was then willing to follow the perpetrator. They then went by bus to Rajawali Station.

“While at Rajawali Station, the perpetrator’s hand suddenly entered the victim’s shirt. There was harassment,” he said in a written statement, Thursday (23/6).

The victim then screamed and made the perpetrator stop what he was doing. However, the perpetrators still move freely because the situation at Rajawali Station is quiet. The perpetrator also followed the victim who was about to take the KRL to Bekasi.

The perpetrator repeated his actions. The perpetrator’s depraved act was only discovered by the security officers when the KRL was at Buaran Station. The perpetrator who was caught red-handed was immediately taken to the East Jakarta Metro Police for questioning.

However, Ahsanul said during the examination, the victim’s parents decided to make peace and did not continue the legal process. Therefore, the KRL also did not continue the legal process against the victim.


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