Femicide Sabina Nessa, arrested 38 years old. After Sarah Everard, there is a safety alert for women in the UK: one case every three days

a 38 year old man was arrested for the murder of Sabina In, the young elementary school teacher killed in a park in London last September 17. The reports Bbc according to which the police stopped him yesterday, at 3 am, in theEast Sussex. The images – sent to citizens by the investigators with a request for help – of the surveillance cameras of Pegler Square, the square where the victim was headed, in the southeast of the city: a 12-second video shows him trying to hide an object of Red. He is now in custody and awaiting interrogation.

“Sabina’s family has been informed of this important development – said the chief inspector of Scotland Yard, Neil John – and continue to be helped by our specialized officials ”. In recent days, the police had arrested others two men – aged 38 and 40 – but were later released, albeit still under investigation. Not even theautopsy she had managed to reveal further details on the dynamics of the assassination. Sabina had probably come out of a pub and was on her way homeward – a short journey of about 5 minutes – when at 20:30 met her attacker. The body of the 28enne was found by a passerby, the day after his death, al Kidbrooke’s Cator Park in the borough of Greenwich. In the same park last Friday more than gathered 500 people for a wakefulness in his memory. This new femicide rekindles concern and debate over women’s safety in the UK, six months after the protests for Sarah Everard, also killed, on her way home, by a policeman. The park that time was that of Clapham, south-west of London, in the sun 8 miles of distance.

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“We did not expect something like this would ever happen to us – said Sabina’s sister, Jebina Yasmin Islam, after the commemoration in the mosque of Kidbrooke – I urge everyone to walk up crowded streets, when you come home from work, school or a friend’s house. Keep yourself safe“. London police have pledged their utmost commitment to the case. “We cannot live in a society where a woman is afraid of go out alone in the evening – instead reiterated the mayor Sadiq Khan – Every woman has the right to feel safe ”. More than words, however, we need facts: “We need a radical change”, he commented Jamie Klinger, co-founder of the group Reclaim These Streets (We claim the streets). Even the 29-year-old Rebecca Broad, a neighbor of the young teacher, has decided to take action to reclaim the right of women to safety. For the next 1st October is organizing a march in the neighbor Sutcliffe Park: “We want to take this walk to grow our confidence and have reassurance in the community: but also to be together, reflect and be there “.

Keeping attention on the issue is fundamental: on Friday, the very day Sabina was killed, a police report from England and Wales pointed out how the violence against women was not among the priority for public order. Yet the data speak for themselves: in the last year they have been 77 the femicides in Great Britain and on average there is one case every three days. “We women know very well that when we report a crime we are not taken seriously – she writes Klinger on the Telegraph – We know there are very few the rapes who are successfully prosecuted in court, we know there are saltier fines for those who throw litter on the street and for whom bothers a woman. How much is our life worth? How much is our security worth? “. The lawyer increases Deeba Syed |, defining the phenomenon as “a pandemic that moves in the shadows”, especially for the members of Ethnical minorities. In fact, if the prime minister’s words of dismay intervened for Sarah and Sabina Boris Johnson and various other national authorities – in addition to the front pages of newspapers – many other victims remain ignored. As well as their killers.

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