Ferjani Sassi “Failed Author” (video)

date of publication:
June 23, 2021 5:05 GMT

Update date: June 23, 2021 8:15 GMT

Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the former Zamalek management committee, criticized the Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, the Zamalek player, after the latter accused him of being the reason for not renewing his contract with the White Castle.

Ferjani had posted on his Twitter account, on Tuesday evening, a video clip showing Ayman Abdel Aziz, the former player and coach of Zamalek, in which he says that the duo Tariq Hashish and Ibrahim Abdullah, members of the former committee in charge of managing Zamalek, interfered and spoiled the renewal of the player’s contract, despite the approaching approach Ferjani from renewal with Ayman Younes.

Sassi shared the video and wrote in the tweet, “This is one of the facts that I talked about.” In his tweet, he addressed the accounts of Ayman Younis and Ayman Abdel Aziz.

Abdullah said in televised statements: “This is a fictional story, and its owner is a failed author, even if Sassi, who posted the video on Twitter, is a failed author.”

He added: “Sassi said before that that the one who was negotiating on his behalf was his agent, Muhannad Aoun. Ferjani had absolutely no intention of renewing for Zamalek at any time.”

He continued, “I did not deal with Sassi completely and did not enter into any negotiation with him, and whoever was managing the negotiations was the board of directors and Ayman Younes, and as long as I was accused of causing the negotiations to fail, I must definitely respond, and what he said did not happen completely.”

And he added: “The last committee was ready to renew the player, but Sassi asked for 2 million and 850 thousand euros, and the contract provider is 1.2 million euros, and this was on December 18. This is what Ayman Younis reported to the board of directors, in the presence of Imad Abdel Aziz, Hisham Ibrahim, Hussein Al-Samri and the treasurer.”

He concluded: “The incident that Ferjani mentioned did not happen. The only time I saw Mohannad Aoun, Ferjani’s agent, on the night of the Esperance and Zamalek match in Tunisia, and in this session, Mohannad told us that there are 650,000 euros in arrears that we want first before talking about the new contract.”

Younis was a member of the Executive Committee and supervising the ball after the appointment of the Ahmed Al-Bakri committee to succeed Mortada Mansour after his dissolution, while Ibrahim Abdullah and Tariq Hashish after the resignation of Younis, with the Imad Abdel Aziz committee that succeeded Ahmed Al-Bakry after his departure from his illness.

Sassi had recently written on Twitter: “With pride, I am proud of the most important period in my life with the Zamalek Club, and God knows that I have been faithful to this entity inside and outside the stadium, and the great Zamalek fans remain the true supporter of me at all stations, the best in what God chose. And soon I will clarify all the facts.”

Sassi’s contract expires at the end of the current season with Zamalek, after joining him three years ago.


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