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On the morning of this Monday, from Quito in Ecuador, the politician Fernando Balda was confirmed in his accusations against General Jorge Luis Vargas, current Director of Citizen Security of the Police, about his alleged participation in the kidnapping of which he was a victim in Bogotá, in August 2012.

General Vargas, in an interview with EL TIEMPO, denied any participation in the event, and assured that two years ago he delivered his version to the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office, at the request of his counterpart in Ecuador.

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“I learned several months ago that General Vargas, when he was Director of Police Intelligence, during the time that the actions for my kidnapping were carried out; and that I know, in a proven and reliable way it had to do with the facts“said Balda, noting that the officer,” went to the Casa de Nariño to tell President Iván Duque that he had nothing to do with my kidnapping. “

According to Balda, his goal is to prevent General Vargas from “taking office as the general commander of the Police” of Colombia, because in his opinion, he is not suitable for the position for having participated, supposedly, in his kidnapping.

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Balda explained one by one the evidence that he annexed to President Duque in a letter sent in May, regarding the alleged participation of the officer in his kidnapping.

The Presidency sent that letter to the Ministry of Defense, and this to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office, as is the legal process.

Balda pointed out that he asked his lawyer in Colombia to do what is pertinent so that General Vargas goes back to the Prosecutor’s Office and his version.

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In the interview with this newspaper, the officer assured: “The Colombian Police for many years has had one of the closest relationships with the Ecuadorian Police. In April 2010, I was informed by the oldest, at that time, Carlos Andrés Martínez, who was the head of International Affairs of the Intelligence Directorate, who Major Rommy Vallejo, who at that time was an official of the Intelligence Directorate of the Ecuadorian Police, had requested the location of an Ecuadorian citizen, named Fernando Balda, to be captured in Colombia. The answer was to make all the requests for the law, through the Interpol red circular, or with a request for capture to request the extradition from Government to Government. That is the process in all the police in the world. “

The director of Citizen Security told this newspaper that he is willing to go to the judicial instances that are necessary to give his version.

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