Ferocious with Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku is considered like Didier Drogba: Okezone Bola

LONDON Romelu Lukaku look fierce together Chelsea in several matches that he has played and helped his team win. Former Blues player, Joe Cole, said the Belgian striker had a character like Didier Drogba.

As is known, Lukaku has returned to Stamford Bridge from Inter Milan in the 2021 summer market. He immediately ‘tuned in’ to Thomas Tuchel’s strategy and scored three goals in his first three Premier League games this season, and scored the only goal in Chelsea’s Champions League win over Zenit St. Petersburg.

In addition to being a goal-hungry striker, Lukaku also has good leadership on the field. In interviews when he was new to Chelsea, he acknowledged himself as a leader and wanted to build confidence for his team-mates.

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This leader figure is also seen by a Cole from Lukaku. According to him, the former Manchester United striker is not only similar to Drogba in terms of sharpness in scoring goals, but also in terms of his leadership in the team.

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“The comparison (of Lukaku) with Didier Drogba is inevitable because of the position they play. But what I see with him now is the leadership role that Drogba has as well,” Cole said.

“You can see how other players respond to him (Lukaku) and his presence on the pitch. I think he looked at Didier and saw what a great player he is and a great leader.”

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Furthermore, Cole, who has played alongside Drogba for several seasons, revealed that Lukaku and Chelsea were destined to be together. He believes the 28-year-old striker will be the Champions League’s top scorer this season.

“Lukaku and Chelsea’s compatibility is something made in heaven. I think he will be the top scorer in the Champions League this season,” concluded the former England National Team player.

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