Ferrari loses rights to Testarossa name

Ferrari has lost the rights to the Testarossa name. At least, in Germany. A court there has ruled that Ferrari has not used the name for too long.

Ferrari Testarossa

According to the German newspaper The mirror the lawsuit against Ferrari has been filed by Kurt Hesse, director of the toy manufacturer Autec AG. He wants to use the Testarossa name for bicycles, e-bikes and razors, but does not want to pay Ferrari a fee for it. And the German court ruled in his favor.

Name must be used

“A name must be used to protect him,” said a court spokesman. “Something the company has not done here.” Ferrari can still appeal the decision, but at this point the Italian manufacturer has had to give up its claim to the Testarossa name.

Iconic supercar

Ferrari has defended itself by saying that the brand still uses the Testarossa designation. After all, the manufacturer supplies parts to Testarossa owners and also restores copies of the iconic supercar from the 1980s. However, according to the court, that is not enough, because those services are simply offered under the Ferrari name.

From 1984 to 1996

The Testarossa was built from 1984 to 1996. First as Testarossa (number: 7177), from 1991 as 512 TR (number: 2261) and the last two years as 512 M (number: 501). It was powered by a 4.9 liter V12 with a 180 degree block angle. In the Testarossa it delivered 390 hp, in the 512 TR 428 hp and in the 512 M 440 hp.

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