Ferrari Purosangue, Almost ready on the price list: here is the latest version

We often talk about the engines, interiors and climate of the new FUV to be discovered, but pending confirmation on the Ferrari 2022 price list, here is the latest render: shows the Purosangue without camouflage

December 6, 2021

Mhip less and less at the debut of the new and first FUV, from Maranello on Thoroughbred is essentially ready. How will it be done, seen from the outside without the covers present in all the photos of the forklifts being tested?

In the photo a last render, with some inspiration from Ferrari Roma and a look that is actually quite different, from each of the eligible rivals, assuming that rivals can be defined without that little horse now placed in the middle of the grid.

On the engine side, everything is expected: from the twin-turbo V6 to the V12 with at least double cubic capacity, with a twin-turbo V8 in the middle and… In the future, a 100% electric FUV is also assumed.

Render source: super render cars


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