Fespaco honors to four Senegalese artists

From the special envoy of the APS, Fatou Kiné Sène

Ouagadougou, Oct 18 (APS) – Senegalese artists Germaine Acogny, Didier Awadi, Marième Niang and Oumou Sy received, on Sunday, the honors of the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (Fespaco).

Tributes were paid to them during the third edition of “Celebrities Day”, one of the events of Fespaco, the 27th edition of which is being held from October 16 to 23.

Dancer and choreographer Germaine Acogny, rapper Didier Awadi, actress Marième Niang and costume designer and stylist Oumou Sy have all been awarded by the organizing committee of one of the largest film festivals on the continent, during a ceremony organized in the gardens of the town hall of Ouagadougou.

Marième Niang, who plays the role of the famous “Mother Diagne” of the series “Mistress of a married man”, very moved to have been honored by Burkina Faso, thanked the organizers of the festival, the President of the Republic. and the Minister of Culture of his country for facilitating his presence at Fespaco.

“I am honored to be here at ‘Celebrities Day'”, she said, receiving a trophy from the organizing committee of the meeting dedicated to cinema. Oumou Sy, she organized a fashion show, with the costumes of the film “Hyenas”, by Senegalese filmmaker Djibril Diop Mambéty (1945-1998), a regular at Fespaco who died in 1998.

The stylist then received a festival award from the Burkinabè Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism, Elise Foniyama Thiombioano Ilboudo.

“It is with a lot of pleasure and a lot of emotion that I receive this distinction”, she reacted, estimating that “Burkina Faso and Senegal constitute the same country”.

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Oumou Sy addressed his thanks to the professionals of the 7th art in Burkina Faso and to the Burkinabè government. “I thank the cinema, which (…) honors us and prays that the 7th art goes forward,” she added.

The Senegalese stylist recalled having had solid links with Senegalese filmmakers Ousmane Sembène and Djibril Diop Mambéty, and their Burkinabè colleague Idrissa Ouédraogo (1954-2018), all deceased.

Didier Awadi was rewarded by the organizing committee of the film festival, which considers him to be one of the “Africans who are writing the history of the continent”.

The dancer and choreographer Germaine Acogny, member of the jury for the feature film of the 27th edition of the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou, also received a trophy in recognition of her work.

The third edition of “Celebrities Day” also rewarded the famous Burkinabè designer Pathé’O, who is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of his career.

The actor-comedian Gustave Sorgho, one of his compatriots, also received the honors of Fespaco.

The Burkinabe artists Frédéric Soré and Mahamoudou Tiendrébéogo, who respectively interpreted the roles of the fictional characters Siriki and Souké, in the famous comedy series “Les Bobodioufs”, were rewarded.

The Burkinabè actor Serge Henri, the Ivorian singer Salif Traoré dit A’salfo, from the group “Magic System”, were all distinguished.

According to the Fespaco organizing committee, the aim of the “Celebrities Day” is to “recognize the work of artists”.

“We celebrate the great role you play …”, said actress Georgette Paré, who is one of the organizers of this event included in the program of the film festival.

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She invited “billionaire sportsmen” to invest in cinema. “The cinema is fertile ground where you can grow your money. You have to invest in the cinema to sell beautiful dreams,” Paré advised them.

A “Celebrities Day” pavilion is open at the Fespaco headquarters to allow renowned artists to commune with their fans.

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