‘FETÖ implements the ‘rabbit candidate’ tactic to infiltrate the public


Anadolu University Rector. Dr. Şafak Ertan Çomaklı came together with the journalists in the Senate Meeting Hall and announced the preliminary research results of the ‘Social Media Terrorism FETÖ Case Study’ conducted by the Social Media and Digital Security Training, Application and Research Center (SODIGEM).


Rector Prof. FETÖ stated that he used the tactic called “rabbit candidate” in infiltration to the public. Dr. Çomaklı said, “FETÖ members are working to integrate the rabbit candidates they have determined. In particular, they try to place the people they have obtained cheating high scores in the past in the past within the framework of their plans. When they nominate a child with an abnormally high score of 99.9 out of 100, they cannot win another candidate instead. They put another child on the same level there, in case he can be eliminated. So when you don’t take one, you have to take the other. ”


Explaining that public administrators should pay close attention to the candidates who applied for the last 10 years, Professor. Dr. Çomaklı said, “These are the people who have taken these exams by stealing questions and entered the right of this nation. These are the names that are not deciphered in the lists held by private imams. But it is very easy to decipher them. When you look at the score, it seems that there are people who look very smart but are mediocre. People who are very mediocre in high school, but very high in the university exam, very low when graduating from university, but very high in the vocational exam. It is quite easy to understand even by looking at this. ”


Professor Dr. Çomaklı stated that 899 accounts belonging to FETÖ / PDY members were detected by the SODIGEM scientific committee affiliated with Anadolu University and over 3 million shares were examined.

Çomaklı stated that FETÖ / PDY members left Facebook on social networking site and used Twitter for Instagram and perception operations.

* Through the software developed by the SODIGEM team, detailed social network analysis was performed on 3 million 250 thousand shares belonging to this 899 sample account.

* When FETÖ members were deciphered before the state, the organization was looking for a new medium. Today, social media was the most appropriate and current medium for them.

* Currently he has concentrated all his power on social media. The opportunity to reach everyone on Twitter is different.

* Everybody can write as they want there. They can also write to Trump, they can write to our President. When they want to create perception, they can be loaded by targeting a group. They can spread any information they want.

“They use TWITTER with intensity”

* They create the perception that the people who were expelled with the Decree on Twitter are victims. They slowly give up Facebook and move towards Instagram. In addition, they provide a financial source by trying the social network called Patreon.

* They present their views through Patreon, a YouTube-style application. The lower tier members of the organization use the Pinterest application. (DHA)



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