Fico ties up the Government of Slovakia to attend the EU summit at the end of October as sworn in

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The former Slovak Prime Minister, Robert Ficohe already has the coalition government which will take him to the head of the Executive for the fourth time. The party leader Smer-SSD He has not needed the two weeks required by law and that the president gave him Zuzana Aputová to gain the parliamentary majority and will not exhaust the 30 days he has to attend the investiture session with a government program.

Fico, pro-Russian and pseudo-social democrathas signed a coalition agreement in principle with Petr Pellegrini, leader of The Voice of the Democrats (Hlas-SD), and with Andrej Danko, leader of the SNSwhich will try to be crystallized before the EU summit on October 26 and 27.

“Slovakia needs a new government as soon as possible,” said Pellegrini, who asked President Caputova to cooperate and convene a session of the new Parliament on the date requested by the leaders of the new government coalition.

The pact provides that Pellegrini, who succeeded Fico in office when he resigned in 2018 due to popular protests against corruption and nepotism, will be president of Parliament. Smer will hold the position of prime minister and six cabinet positions, including Justice, Defense and Foreign Affairs; The Voice will have seven, including Interior, and the SNS three.

According to the local press, the negotiations are very much on track and the list of ministers is practically closed, but it is not ruled out that the composition of the Government that Fico will present is free of controversy based on the president’s statements.

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