Field home The Spartak stadium suffered after the "Leningrad" concert


Field home The Spartak stadium suffered after the "Leningrad" concert



The field of the Otkrytie Arena stadium, which is the home arena of Spartak Moscow, was seriously damaged after the concert of the Leningrad group, Izvestia reports. The event was held on Friday 14 June.

"Almost half of the camp was visibly severely affected after the" Leningrad "exhibition. It is difficult to draw conclusions about how serious the damage is. The image will become clearer when the agronomist of the ; arena says its word, "said a source familiar with the situation.

Spartak himself has not yet commented on what happened. It is worth noting that at the end of last season, the Otkrytie Arena stadium changed the lawn. Last season, Spartak finished in 5th place in the Russian Premier League and won a ticket to the Europa League.

Spartak has not published any photos of Glushakov since the medical examination


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