Fiestas pays for the first time to Televisión Canaria for the production of the Carnival

Recording of the performance of the musical groups.
Andres Gutierrez

The Autonomous Party Organization and Canary Television have signed an agreement by which the council led by Alfonso Cabello commits to the public entity the payment of 40,000 euros as expenses assigned to the production of the three programs that will be broadcast from tomorrow: The Best Song of the Millennium, The queens of the street: the comparsas, and the gala of the guardians of the scepter.

This is the first time in the history of Carnival that the chicharrera organization will pay for the broadcast of the acts of its carnestolendas; Until now it was a coverage that they developed for free for the municipal coffers Televisión Canaria and Televisión Española, which since 2017 signed an agreement with Santa Cruz by which they alternated in production and shared signal.

What’s more, taking over the exclusive rights to the image of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival became one of the most sought-after objectives in the irruption of private televisions; It should be remembered that in 1993, when Maribel Oñate and Gustavo Armas, director of the Autonomous Carnival Organization, was then Councilor for Festivities, a historic operation was closed: Antena 3 Televisión disbursed 75 million pesetas for the exclusive of that edition of the Carnival.

The following year, in 1994, with the presence of José Antonio Plaza at the head of the artistic direction of the carnival galas, the exclusive of the images of the contests changed hands and Telecinco pays 45 million with the added commitment of broadcasting not only the election of the queen but also producing a program dedicated to Carnival at the national level from the Plaza de España stage.

They were the only two editions for which Santa Cruz charged for the sale of the exclusive of the party’s signal. In recent years, the negotiation has compromised broadcasting as a counterpart to choose the channel that would exclusively broadcast the Chicharrero Carnival.

In this virtual edition, where the artistic team directed by Enrique Camacho has produced three shows –of murgas, comparsas and the election of the guards–, the organization has changed the objectives of the agreement; He has even assumed the role of producer of the seventeen contests and galas that took place –before the confinement– at the fairgrounds, plus the parade, bullring and street performances.

The new situation that has caused the health crisis has forced the organization to an agreement with Televisión Canaria that, together with the Autonomous Organization, the two public entities become producers of this virtual edition. In return, Santa Cruz commits a payment of 40,000 euros, as stated in the agreement signed with Canary Television, and also assumes audiovisual production expenses: 7,800 euros for a steady cam and 8,600 for a hot head. It also assumes the cost of 10,000 euros to rent the signal for the broadcast of the five programs, which include the two documentaries that began to broadcast yesterday.

This agreement is limited to an agreement between Televisión Autonómica –which will charge the advertising– and Fiestas, and it has nothing to do with Televisión Española, which will give national coverage on La 2 next Sunday and also on its international channel, with the addition that it makes a extra effort to broadcast it live to Europe and America, in a clear commitment to not Carnival in the time of the Covid.


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