FIFA 21 arrives renewed on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X – Volk


FIFA 21 comes to the new generation of consoles to show its full potential, with great changes in terms of performance, loading times, lighting, graphic and sound details, taking us to an environment both in the pre-game and during the game. game for a more realistic experience.


In Volk we experience some of the news first hand, however, we remember that the update for Xbox Series X / S and for PlayStation 5 will arrive on December 4, where if they already have their versions for Xbox One or Ps4 and decide to jump to the new generation will be able to download the game totally free and enjoy all their progress both from FIFA Ultimate Team like the Volta Squad.

At the conference we were with SHE They presented us with the different novelties for the new generation and where we asked them some questions. Next we tell you the most relevant items of this great update for the Next Gen of consoles.

Physics, lighting and rendering:

The movements of the players when they receive the ball, make plays or collide with an opponent show details so that the user does not feel “cuts” in the game and looks much more fluid.
Additionally, in a more detailed plane, we could see the difference between the last generation and this one with the comparison in the deformation of the ball when a player hits it, or the details of the players’ muscles, (of course, that to contemplate these details we must go replay and change camera).
Dynamic lighting that accentuates faces and uniforms for a new level of realism in FIFA 21.


Much more realistic environment:

We begin with new cinematics of the previous matches, such as the arrival of the buses, the exaltation of the fans as they go through the turnstiles, include the celebration from a fans perspective and cinematics such as the departure of the teams with the smoke of the swollen in the stands.

A new way of watching the game with the EA SPORTS GameCam Inspired by the look of great football broadcasts.


Loading Times:

From Kickoff to Career Mode, users will never lose focus on the next match as stadium environments will load with unprecedented speed in FIFA 21, allowing them to start the contest in seconds. (Only when we are individually or online vs an opponent who is in Next Gen)

To finish we hope we ask if we would have a spectator camera and the desired cross-platform and the answer is that they are already working on future deliveries and that it is something that the community has requested a lot.

Volkers, we look forward to the update on December 4 to bring this experience to everyone in FIFA 21 live in a streaming at Facebook of People, What do you think of these integrations to the Next Gen ?, Let us know your comments on our social networks.

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