FIFA 21 it has not started off on the right foot. The new video game of EA Sports continues to cause discontent among fans of the saga, who are being harmed after the latest measures taken by the American parent company. Now the problem lies between Division Rivals Y Future Champions, since the players are unable to play all the required matches in a period of just four days.

EA Sports has decided to limit the number of Division Rivals matches this year in FIFA 21. Fans will only be able to play a total of 30 scoring matches, which end up having an impact on the Fut Champions qualification. But that’s not the main problem, as the new measure causes the most competitive players to be forced to play every game on the same day, Thursday.

The rewards are given that same Thursday and the new restriction forces all players to play their matches between the fourth day of the week and Sunday. In other words, from Monday to Wednesday there would be, for now, no incentives for fans to improve their teams. The protests have already been notified to EA Sports, which does not seem to be very much in the work of modifying their nonsense.

60 games in four days

After playing all 30 games on Thursday, the players are also “forced” to play another 30 games on the weekend. Fut Champions is the biggest incentive for all fans, who would arrive with a significant load of matches just a day before. The protests to EA keep coming and it does not seem that they are going to stop, at least for the moment.


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