FIFA 21 will have FUT cooperative and online mode in Volta

Along with the first FIFA 21 trailerWith Kylian Mbappé as the main protagonist and the news of the arrival of Éric Cantona as a new icon, EA Sports unveiled some very important details of its new football simulator.

Ultimate Team will have a cooperative mode, something that many in the community asked for a long time to make it more fun. In this way, you can play with a friend online in Division Rivals and Squad Battles to get rewards and weekly progress.

On the other hand, whoever purchases the game for current generation consoles will be able to transfer their entire FUT club to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. A digital version of the game is required to get the upgrade on non-disc drive consoles.

Regarding Volta, EA Sports highlighted: “Live a more social street football with teams, a new way to get together with up to three friends. You can also enter the community with other players and win in a cooperative of 5 against 5 “.

With regard to gameplay, FIFA 21 will provide “more control and response in one-on-one situations; and new filigrees, such as the elevated self-pass and the ball drift with the threat of a twist, which will help you to overcome the defenders ”.

“The new position personality increases the relevance of positional knowledge. World-class forwards will slow down their runs to stay in line with the last defender and not fall offside, playmakers will look for gaps between lines, while higher-level defenders will better close the passing lanes to make attacks difficult rival, “EA added.


Enjoy a new way to play your season with the new Interactive Match Simulator. Get in and out of matches to influence the course of action or to take command at key moments, such as penalties and free kicks, and change the outcome of the match. Monitor match data and make changes directly from the simulation, based on match stats and your players’ performance and endurance levels.

Manage the development of your players in greater detail thanks to a renewed growth system. Turn your full-backs into wingers, defensive midfielders into center-backs and much more to fill the gaps in your team. Monitor changes in player attributes during training to see how your squad progresses.

Learn more about your squad’s performance levels with Match Fluency, a new attribute that indicates how likely your players are to perform at their best at crucial moments in the match. Improve your players’ ease with a new Active Training System, which gives you the ability to create group training sessions to improve the likelihood that your forwards will generate good opportunities or that defenders will make key innings.

Plan your team’s training schedule with a new activity management system. Decide when to train and when to rest during the week, and balance ease with your players’ morale and fitness to make the difference between winning and losing.

Improved rival AI will make opponents tackle matches smarter, both in defense and attack. To present you with more challenges during matches and keep your Career interesting in every match, the new systems generate better AI decision-making in marking, tackling, passing and dribbling.


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