FIFA Club World Cup reforms – increase to 24 teams – football


The European Union of Football (UEFA), which has resisted vehemently, will send eight top clubs. From Germany, Bayern Munich should have the best chance of an invitation. The seven UEFA delegates have passed the 31-member FIFA Council in Miami. The harsh criticism of the influential European association of ECA clubs, which threatens to boycott the best European clubs, ultimately had no effect. The reform is one of the great projects of the controversial FIFA president, Gianni Infantino.

The association of European football clubs had apparently rejected Infantino's plans. Also Bayern should have signed that by 2024 changes will not be accepted.

The merger of 232 European clubs into the CCE was announced shortly before the FIFA Council meeting on Friday (03.15.2019), according to a report by the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) that any revised format of the tournament, given the 2024 fixed Spielkalenders "is not acceptable "and no top European club" to participate in such a contest "will do so. This is clear from a letter from the Court of Auditors to UEFA's European Football Union with a copy to Infantino, which is the SZ.

The document should have signed all 15 members of the Court's board of directors, including Bayern Munich. This will further fuel poker for the club's World Cup. However, the Court has no seat in the FIFA Council.


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