FIFA ranking: the national football team fell two places and ranked 77th, surpassed by Cape Verde Curaçao

Original Title: FIFA Ranking: The National Football Team drops two places and ranks 77th, surpassed by Cape Verde Curaçao

On the evening of April 7, Beijing time, FIFA announced the national team rankings as of April 2021. The overall ranking of the Chinese national team fell by two places, dropping to 77th, while the points remained unchanged at 1322.96. The Asian rankings also stayed in place, ranking No. Japan secured the top spot in Asia, while the Belgian team continued to lead the overall list.

This is the second time that FIFA has announced the men’s national team rankings in 2021. Since the last time the ranking was announced on February 18, international football has conducted 185 world preliminaries and warm-up matches in the past 40 days. However, the Chinese national team still did not play the international A-level competition, but continued to warm up with the Super League team. As a result, Li Tie’s national football team defeated Henan Songshan Longmen 2-0 and 3-0 Shandong Taishan, thus winning the warm-up 8 Winning streak.

Since the competition is an A-level event that is not “recognized” by FIFA, the Chinese men’s football score is still fixed at 1322.96 points, which has not changed since the beginning of last year. However, the overall ranking has declined slightly, because the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean island nation of Curaçao, which originally ranked behind the national football team, surpassed many teams including the national football team. The Chinese team fell to 77th after dropping two positions.

However, the national football’s Asian ranking is still ninth, behind Japan, Iran, South Korea, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the UAE. Although the Syrian team ranks tenth in Asia, it ranks higher than the national football team in Group A of the Asian Top 40 World Cup. In recent years, the domestically turbulent Syrian team has led the group with 5 wins in the top 40. The Chinese team has 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and has 7 points with the Philippines team, which has played 5 games.

In terms of the overall rankings, the Belgian team increased its points by 3 points, with 1783.38 points. It has been occupying the top position since September 2018; France, Brazil, England, Portugal and Spain have also maintained their respective positions. Ranked two to six. After the Italian team’s points increased by 17 points, the ranking also rose by 3 places, the latest ranking overwhelming the Argentine team ranked seventh. Guinea-Bissau’s ranking rose 11 places and then to 108th, becoming the team with the fastest rise in this ranking; Mozambique fell to 115th after falling 9 places, making it the team with the most significant decline in this ranking. The next time FIFA announces the rankings will be May 27. (Zuo Oyou)Return to Sohu to see more


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