FIFA will test offside assessment technology at the Qatar tournament

“Players will be scored 50 times per second through 29 points and the data collected will then be evaluated by artificial intelligence, which will alert the video referee in the event of an offside,” said Johannes Holzmüller, FIFA’s director of technology on the federation’s website.

However, the video will still have the key word. “The computer can draw a line and determine the offside position, but how much the players involved got involved and influenced the game still has to be done,” said Pierluigi Collina, head of the FIFA Jury.

“The main benefit is, firstly, that the technology allows us to pinpoint the moment of the pass. And secondly, that we can pinpoint the body parts of both defending and attacking players. I believe the technology will allow us to make more accurate and faster decisions,” added Holzmüller.


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