Fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases: The Minister of Health presents the results of Senegal

XALIMANEWS-The call was launched in Kaolack which hosted, yesterday Monday, the ceremony marking the world day for the fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) celebrated around the theme “Act now, act together, invest in NTDs”.

For the Minister of Health, the urgency of the response must be commensurate with the often disabling consequences of NTDs. Achievements in eliminating or eradicating these diseases are the result of strong political leadership, innovation and increased funding.

A reality that allowed the Minister of Health and Social Action to recall President Macky Sall’s desire to adhere to the new WHO 2021-2030 roadmap to fight more effectively against NTDs. by 2030. According to him, the control and elimination of these diseases is a priority line of action in the National Health and Social Development Plan 2019-2028. In this regard, Senegal has recorded important results.

This is certification of interruption of transmission of Guinea worm disease, cessation of mass treatment for trachoma and its path to elimination, cessation of transmission of lymphatic filariasis in 98% endemic health districts thanks to the mass treatment of leprosy as a public health problem with a drop in incidence to 0.11% are today to be magnified.

These results, hailed by Dr. Marie Khémesse Ngom Ndiaye, are to be credited to the national health system, at all levels of the pyramid, whose actors have been congratulated and encouraged.

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