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In 2021, the number of houses housing breeding sites is close to what was observed during the first wave of the dengue epidemic in 2018 and nearly twice as high as in 2020.

The average number of breeding sites per house in 2021 is higher than that recorded for the same period over the last 3 years.

It is essential to apply the right gestures to eliminate potential breeding sites in yards and gardens, particularly during rainy episodes, which are favorable to the hatching of mosquito eggs.

Recommendations to fight against dengue

It only takes one mosquito bite to get dengue fever.

Health authorities recommend:

Protect yourself against mosquito bites, including during the 7 days following the onset of symptoms to protect those around you:

o Use of repellents,

o Installation of mosquito nets,

o Wearing long clothes,

o Use of diffusers.

Continue to protect yourself, even if you have been ill with dengue previously: several dengue serotypes can circulate and infection with one serotype does not protect against attack by another serotype.

· Eliminate the breeding grounds: empty anything that may contain water all around your home, check the gutters, etc.


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