Fights, racist attacks and urine: the big problem of Belgian politicians with alcohol

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Either Belgian politicians have a serious problem with alcohol, or they have a problem with incontinence in all its meanings, or the truth is that they have very bad luck. In the last weeks, several of the first swords at the federal level have gotten into serious trouble while they were drunk or more than happy. The first thing that came to light was a video of the former Secretary of State for Immigration, Theo Franken. He enfant terrible of the Flemish nationalist right, a debater, provocateur and quarrel, always ready to cross any line and get into every garden. Literally, because in the images he was seen, in the heart of Brussels, getting up from the terrace where he was to go unload in a green area with plants. Two minutes in which he stands out above anything else, his face of happiness, or relief, when he returns to the table.

The second, and more controversial, was the case of the Minister of Justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne. It has been known as the Cheek Gategiven that the man organized a party at his house for his 50th birthday and three of the guests They decided that going to the bathroom was too tiring and that it was much better to aim for the Police van. in which the agents in charge of the escort were. The images, because now there are images of absolutely everything, are devastating. The minister said that he was tipsy but that he had not participated, that he had not realized it. The problem is that in the video he appears making a series of gestures in which he seems to replicate the actions of his friends, dying of laughter.

The security forces, who complain every day about lack of respect, have not been amused one bit. They are there because the minister received serious death threats and an attempted kidnapping was even thwarted. “Some say that these images show me in the act of imitating the act of urinating. The person I was accompanying thinks that… well… it was a guitar solo in the air… I admit that sometimes I play the air guitar… It’s possible. I honestly don’t know,” he stammered in one of the worst excuses in recent history.

The third episode was starred by Conner Rousseau, the leader of the Flemish socialists, who, while marching in his area, in Sint-Niklaas (East Flanders), confronted other police officers and freely attacked the gypsies. His explanations (he bravely decided to call a press conference in the same bar where everything had happened) are not very solid. “In this area there has been concern and frustration for a long time about the nuisance, the garbage and the intimidation. At one point, at 6 in the morning, in the middle of a drunken state, I started talking to a group of police officers who were here” , has explained. “I expressed the frustration that exists among many people in the wrong way. It was a drunken talk, and although it was said jokingly… I’m even a little upset. shock with myself. “I would like to give a clear apology for the inappropriate things I said,” he added.

Once again there is video of what happened. The inappropriate things are racist insults according to a police report, all kinds of criticism of the gypsies and repeated invitations to the officers to use their batons against the “browns” and to leave alone the Flemish whites who only want to party without control, limits or authority. It’s already bad luck, just the day, the only day, when everyone’s dark nature comes out and their targets are caught.

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