Figure skater Tomáš Verner (34): I dance and I have goulash in it!

His journey to the dance show was long. He had received the offer twice before, but it never worked out. “StarDance runs in parallel with the figure skater’s racing season, so I always had to turn it down. It was not possible during his career, “he says. When he finished racing, he had to wait five years for another offer. “I thought flatly that if I called, it might work in a year or two, but there was no room,” he added. It only worked out now.

Tomas, is StarDance the way you imagined it?

“It simply came to our notice then. I thought it wouldn’t be hard for me because I’m a former athlete. But I found out how demanding it is. And hell! It’s getting worse. I thought it would be different. “

Figure Skater Verner on StarDance: I don’t know how much pain I can take

What’s harder about dancing than skating?

“It’s hard not to know how to dance, but skating is. And also that I have relatively little time for it. I was fifteen years old at skating. There are also completely different movements. “

For example?

“Maybe we tried rumba now and every step in the rhythm has a different beginning. I’m not used to changing rhythms. We have one on the ice, something is still changing here. That makes a wonderful impression, but it makes me a big stew. ”

Which muscles get more busy dancing than skating?

“Probably the lumbar and intercostal muscles, especially in standard dances, where I have to hold the frame. That’s very challenging compared to what we do on ice. ”

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Figure skater Tomáš Verner is getting lost before his eyes! Dancing with him works wonders


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