Figure skating. Betina Popova and Sergey Brain


Tears, pain, small interruptions in the points – the ice dance at the Universiade 2019 became the most intense type of katana figure.

He won here Betina Popova is Sergey Mozgov. This is the main success of the Russian duo's career. But they are already remembered by the public by reckless exponential numbers and vivid behavior.

The craziest Russian skaters won the Universiade. They are unique

One night, Betina and Sergey sat at a doping check, then went to celebrate the success. In the morning, a Sport24 correspondent came to the children in the Universiade village. We talked for over an hour. We would have communicated even longer if the volunteers had not kicked us out of the interview room for exceeding the time limit. But the talk turned out to be a lot.

From this interview you will learn:
– How much skaters earn.
– As Sergey impressed Betina in the part so that she could die.
– Betina is in agreement with the decision to send Evgenia Medvedev to the world championship.
– Because ice dancing "decomposes" people.
– Under which song the Big Big wanted to perform.
– What counts is the 2022 Olympics duet.
– Because Sergey wanted to fight with the guys from Krasnoyarsk in the Dota 2 tournament.
– Because they should not give their children figure skating.
– And much more, just read.

"Sergey will win the Olympics with me"

– How's the mood?
Sergei: Fantastic. We are glad that everything is finished.
Betina: We are pleased that the entire season is over and you can walk safely.

– How did you celebrate yesterday's victory?
Sergei: Cultural. I drank tea (Laughs).
Betina: But it is so. And I danced and screamed songs.
Sergei: We went to the city, we danced. Everything was calm. In trouble it didn't work.

– Sleep well?
(Sergey shows sarcastically "O & # 39; key")
Betina: Of course not. We don't get enough sleep here. The acclimatization for us is very hard (the difference between Moscow and Krasnoyarsk is 4 hours. – Sport24).

– The gold of the university: the main success in your career?
Sergei: Yup.
Betina: Surely.

– C & # 39; is a degree of tournaments – the championship of Russia, the European championship, the world championship. Where do you put the Universiade on this list?
Sergei: Superior to the championship of Russia. But lower than Europe.
Betina: And for me it's like the Olympics. But in general – between Europe and Russia.

– Betina, why do you like the Olympics?
Betina: We lost against our rivals (Sofia Evdokimova and Egor Bazin) in the Russian championship. Starting in Krasnoyarsk was a kind of revenge for us. Also, I had an injury.

And I'm the first time in such a large tournament. Sergey was already at the Youth Games and won them! From the other girl, really. But no matter, he will win the adult Olympics with me. Opportunity to win something with a third partner you won't have.

"We were destroyed and humiliated in the Dota 2 tournament, I wanted to fight with these guys"

– What is Krasnoyarsk's most beautiful impression?
Betina: We went to the Krasnoyarsk Sea with the boys (tank on the Yenisei. – Sport24).
Sergei: It was all very nice, but personally it was strange for me to look at the building near the Platinum Arena, which was completely built but not inhabited. And inside the backlight. It looked nice, but strange.
Betina: Even a little creepy. Empty transparent house that glows from the inside. Creep thing.

– What happened to the Dota 2 tournament? Did the Krasnoyarsk boys come and destroy you?
Sergei: The organizers have planned that there will be many participants. I thought there would be a big event. But, considering that your announcement is a flyer in the elevator, glued the day before the tournament, it was difficult to count on.
Betina: Yes, and foreigners were afraid to play.
Sergei: Even so, but it was still not necessary to announce it the day before. As a result, we arrived – four skaters, the fifth volunteer was hoisted. They have brought two teams, one of which is the best in the city. It destroyed us in 15 minutes.
Betina: But we were sick for you – three people at the same time.
Sergei: They were driving! The children came out and danced the hip-hop, there were costumes in some costumes. And the room is empty!
Betina: How is it empty ?! Three people really hurt you.
Sergei: Who left during our game …

– Do you understand that your team never misses a chance and pretends not to be with you?
Betina: No! We watched their winning game, congratulated. And then they decided that they were the best and would face off without us.

– did you write bad things?
SergeiSure. Something like: "That's how I play with my feet".
Betina: I had to answer: "Eh, let's go to the track and go out there and talk".
Sergei: In general, at some point there was a desire to fight.

"Papadakis and Sizeron do the same thing for five years. Who needs it?"

– Sergey, in Kiss and Cry make a gesture similar to Kolyan's dance from "Real Boys". TV series fans?
Sergei: Haha, no! I tried to show my heart.

– And we thought it was a pasadoble …
Betina is Sergei (In chorus): When I wanted to show my heart, but I had a pasadoad (laughs out loud).

– Would you like him to dance the rhythm?
Betina: And it already was!

– So what do you want?
Sergei: Yes, we don't want any (smiles). From year to year, a type of game is chosen, let's call it that. No matter how comfortable the compulsory dance is, the ISU will make disgusting moments to raise the level – ki points, and it will be disgustingly heavy.

– It is difficult for an uninitiated person to talk about dance. Betina has already said in one of the interviews that ice dancing is hard to understand.
Betina: Yes. The observer looks and does not understand why these are higher, and these are lower. It is clear from the greenhouses: I have left and I have not taken it – probably, this is bad.
Sergei: And we're not very clear. It seems to twist, like something their feet have done. So what

– Well, then how to understand why the French Gabriela Papadakis and Guillaume Sizeron constantly win? How do they differ from others?
Sergei: They ride madly in terms of softness, skatannosts. As for cleaning, the moment is rather controversial. For the first two seasons, they had a wow effect. And now they …
Betina: Just go on the thumb.
Sergei: They don't change their style. I'm the same kind, suffering. Many people like it. But personally, I don't like it when a couple doesn't develop, but keeps its groove.
Betina: For me it is not clear when people do the same support for five years. Or perform the same element in both free and short programs. Why then do you skate if you are not doing anything new? Why come to training every day and get killed?

Ok, when the judges say "No, it's absolutely not". And you have to quickly enter something into the program. But when you consciously use the old support, I have a question: "Why?" Yes, you will do it well, because you did it for five years. But who needs it?

– If dance is a rather subjective form of figure skating, how can newcomers get to the top? Will they be hard, even if they are cool?
Sergei: The wow effect is rare. He was with Papadakis and Sizeron, and also with Nikita Katsalapova is Elena Ilinykhwhen they came as juniors to master. And so, usually everything creeps in a little.

"They wanted to perform under Skibidi, but they were afraid that the Krasnoyarsk audience would not understand us"

– How do you find the numbers for the demonstration?

Betina: This process is not organized. This is a message somewhere above our heads. We understand that soon we will be indicative and we need something to cook.
Sergei: Or something popular, or fun, or interesting. There was an idea for the Universiade, but we didn't have time to prepare.
Betina: The room will remain for the next season. It will be just fire.

– Wow. The trailer is already there.
BetinaA: But this is only next year. We still have to participate in the demonstration, so you have to drive well.

– Before the Universiade, you showed Rangers, a policeman with a criminal and a bride with a drunk boyfriend. Which did you like most?
Sergei: Bride! I pictured myself there (Laughs).
Betina: And I like everything. These are our creations, our creations. How can I not love them all?

– It also takes a long time. How much does it interfere with training?
Sergei: We are not preparing for this in training.
Betina: In class we are very limited in time. While we're on the ice, we need to develop our sports programs. Therefore, we all work on the floor. Unfortunately, we don't have the opportunity to work on the ice ahead of time. If the next season will be more and in general conditions it will improve, it will be great.
Sergei: But we won't be working on the demonstration yet.
Betina: Yes, we will develop other sports programs.

– Wait, how do you test the program?
Sergei: Come on the floor.
Betina: And from a clean sheet we drive.

– In Krasnoyarsk, was there an indicative number that had not yet rolled on the ice?
Sergei: Yes. Never rolled
Betina: I didn't go to Krasnoyarsk for a week.

– Was it difficult to get around with the Ranger costumes?
Sergei: It was the hell! Because before the performance we didn't try to ride in these costumes.
Betina: We also had masks in which nothing is visible.
Sergei: The opening for the review is very small! And the costumes are very slippery, Betina just rolled me. If seen technically, it was terrible. We fell wherever we could. You don't see anything, it's hard for you to breathe.

– Weren't there other problems?
Sergei: Yes, we understand that we can go to any outfit. Although without her!
Betina: After the Rangers, I'm sure we'll get back to something. Although in the T-REX inflatable dinosaur costume.

– C & # 39; were ideas that could not be implemented due to censorship?
BetinaLots of ideas
Sergei: Initially, we wanted to bring specimens here to the music of Little Big Skibidi wap-pa-pa. But we don't understand how to implement it.
Betina: And in general, we don't understand if the Krasnoyarsk public is ready for it.
Sergei: There are also restrictions on bad words and provocative texts.

– And what songs considered with bad words? "Leningrad"?
Betina: We are considering a lot of songs. And also "Leningrad". Almost faith heard.

– Do fans offer variations of songs on social networks?
Betina: Yes. We are recording, revising.

– Were they crazy ideas?
Betina: Yup.

– For example?
Sergei: Finish with sports (Laughs).
Betina: This is a good idea … As for the ideas with music … Now I will say, a person will see this interview and feel offended. Guys, all ideas are good!

Betina, you have some pretty sincere photos on instagram. Do you often start writing fans after them?
Betina: What fan? Figure skating? (Laughs) Of course, they started writing. But, I think, every girl after this is often written on Instagram. This is normal

"My knees are a dismemberment. The skin leaves the leg and the meat crawls on the ice"

– How will the rest of the season go?
Sergei: We will return to Moscow and start running around the doctors. We don't have much time to prepare for next season, so we need to recover quickly.
Betina: And now I need to do a quick operation: cut, sew a leg and install a new program.

– Betina, your knee was broken yesterday after the rental. Does it happen often?
Betina: Every start My knees are just a break-up. On the short program, my left knee usually suffers, on an arbitrary program – the right one.

– So go to the start and realize that in five minutes you'll have a broken knee?
Betina: Yes, exactly. I understand that my skin will now leave my knees, the flesh will remain and climb the ice, painting the whole red leg. This is a wonderful feeling when you realize that now you have to go to the track and beat your knee 15 times.

– Not scary?
Betina: Very scary! But nothing can be done. Beauty requires sacrifice. I have an item where I land on my knee from the height of Sergey's height. It is the first to touch the ice, not the shoe and not the blade.
Sergei: I'm trying to stop it somehow.
Betina: It doesn't really help, of course …

"Sergey put me on the board like a fighter"

– Sergey, did you drop Betinu?
Sergei: Yup.
Betina: I even had instagram videos, where I fall flat with the media.

– What does everyone of you feel right now?
Betina: Despair, pain and suffering.
Sergei: Fear of inaugurating your partner.
BetinaBut this happens very rarely. We would rather prefer to fall together. But it was a terrible accident in one of the shows. There, the track is smaller than normal …
Sergei: We went to support. I drove back, Bettina sat on my shoulders and I didn't see the card.
Betina: He guided me on a wooden board just like in wrestling: head down and legs raised. Fortunately, I had a wig. It seems to me that, at his expense, I am generally alive now.

– what are the consequences?
Betina: Concussion of the brain. This is why everything here is not very good (show head).

"I did the first tattoo for 60,000. I don't have much money now."

– Sergey, you said you would win the tattoo contest. What makes them unique?
Sergei: It all started at the age of 18. I did the first tattoo, like my father. And then the soul flew to heaven. Some with meaning, some friends have done, some look beautiful, as I thought. Now I have 12 of them.
Betina: His best tattoo is one that is not visible. Let me see your finger!
(Brains shows the fist)
Sergei: It is made of white paint and is visible only in the ultraviolet. It's free (shows an image of death with a sickle) on the arm.
Betina: My favorite
Sergei: And it had to be a game, but the sperm came out. All the others are more or less. There had to be a sleeve for all intents and purposes, but my teacher went abroad.
Betina: And the money ran out.

– Is it an expensive treatment?

Sergei: For my first tattoo I gave 60 thousand rubles.

– Wow. She is big?
Sergei: On the shoulder
Betina: Well, when you have 60 thousand.
Sergei: Then I had 60 thousand, now I have 60 thousand no. Actually, I like most of my tattoos. The real Betina says they are ugly. But I like everything. Besides sperm.

"It is impossible to survive on the salary of a figure skater. I once took a penny"

– How to earn a skater who is not at the top and without many advertising contracts?
Sergei: We don't have many contracts
Betina: Guide.
Sergei: Work with children
Betina: Because it is impossible to survive on our salary.
Sergei: Probably, but in another region, where it is less expensive. Not in Moscow. Our salary is difficult to exist.

– I heard that it is about 30 thousand rubles.
Sergei: Good, with a stretch.
Betina: 30 thousand are a good month.

– Has it not been solved?
Sergei: C & # 39; was a situation that once I received a salary the size of a penny.
BetinaA: We even had a screenshot of this transaction. But the most annoying thing is that nothing came to mind! Not even a penny sent!
Sergei: I had another funny accident. When I was a junior world champion with another partner (Anna Yanovskaya. – Sport24) I had a good salary – 120 thousand a month.
Betina: (in a sad voice) I've never had such a thing.
Sergei: It was fantastic, I saved it for repairs, I did it in the apartment. But at the same time a greenhouse spoke to me Maxim Miroshkin. He too was a world champion, but for some reason he earned a hundred thousand more than me … Although for the same signs … How?! It is not clear

– And who determined the salary?
– The salary comes from the federation, from the school, from the ministry.

– You can still make money on the show. During the New Year's holidays, you rode on the ponds of the Patriarch.
Betina: It was free
Sergei: You can participate in the show, but it takes a lot of time.
Betina: We can't afford night trials.
Sergei: We have a training process – preparation for the championship of Russia, for the Universiade. And so, obviously, we would like to participate in the show, because you can earn money there normally.

"In one of the tournaments they presented us with a pair of shoes. One for two

– Did your parents spend a lot on you when you weren't on the national team?
Sergei: My – a bunch.
Betina: It's mine
Sergei: My parents and I were brought to America for three months, spending almost everything. Of course, there were no angry stories when it came to selling apartments. My family is not very rich and my whole childhood was spent on figure skating. For example, I didn't have many toys, I couldn't go on a particular vacation. But figure skating. Одни коньки сейчас стоят тысяч 60. Но мы, слава богу, сейчас их не покупаем. Потому что выдает федерация.
Бетина: И потому что мы на турнире в Риге победили!
Сергей: Да, мы победили на турнире Volvo Cup, и нам в подарок дали пару ботинок. Одну на двоих.

– Как вообще с подарками на турнирах, которые ниже уровнем, чем серия Гран-при?
Сергей: Могут подарить чехол для костюма. Зонтики дарят иногда.
Бетина: (грустным голосом) Мне не дарили.
Сергей: Я всегда мечтал попасть на турнир Nesquik Cup. Там дают огромный пакет «Несквика» в подарок.
Бетина: Помню, как после победы в одиночном катании мне дали три огромных мешка «Несквика» в подарок, еще плюшевые игрушки. И ты, маленький ребенок, едешь назад в поезде со всем этим. Конечно, это не стоит тех денег, которые ты потратил на билеты и на взнос.
Сергей: Но для ребенка это счастье.

«Тренируем одно, а на соревнованиях Бетина делает другое. В первый год это был ад »

Бетина, почему ты перешла из одиночного катания в танцы?
Бетина: Потому что я была отвратительной одиночницей. Я падала, плакала и не хотела тренироваться. А когда включали музыку, я ездила, начинала танцевать. Когда мой бывший тренер Ксения Геннадьевна Румянцева пришла в ЦСКА искать партнершу для одного своего мальчика, который там катался, она увидела меня. Я начала выступление, забыла всю программу упала три раза, и она поняла, что этой девочке суждено танцевать.

– Тройные умела прыгать?
Бетина: Да, я прыгала тройной сальхов. Однажды на соревнованиях упала с него и забыла всю программу. И начала импровизировать.

– Ого. Такое возможно?
Сергей: Конечно, даже в танцах на льду бывает такое. Вот взять хотя бы Бетину. Придумать что-то новенькое во время проката? Изи!

– Когда в последний раз такое было?
Бетина: Вчера (в произвольном танце Универсиады. – Sport24).

– А в чем вчера были косячки?
Сергей: Я два раза почти упал: в начале программы у меня нога уехала, и на выходе из твиззла я решил подупасть. Бетина же решила после блока придумать и сделать новый выход с новыми руками.
Бетина: Мне стало скучно, и я потянулась к судьям.
Сергей: Я к этому уже привык. Но в первый сезон это был ад. Тренируем одно, а на соревнованиях она начинает делать другое.
Бетина: Когда я вхожу в кураж на турнирах – меня не остановить.
Сергей: Это кошмар.
Бетина: Но он привык. На одном из стартов Сергей даже завелся и тоже начал делать что-то свое. И я подумала: «Крутяк! Мы на одной волне! »

«Мама выжимает из юного фигуриста все, пока он не умрет. Я бы выбрала детство »

– Расскажите подробнее про подкатки.
Сергей: Ты размещаешь объявление на специальном форуме о том, что можешь поработать со спортсменами определенного возраста. Одиночники пишут, что могут помочь с прыжками, парники – с поддержками, мы – с постановкой скольжения и постановкой программ. Тебе пишут, вы договариваетесь. Идете на каток с массовым катанием, и тебе платят за твою работу.
Бетина: Это востребовано. Мамы в спорте хотят выжать из пятилетнего ребенка все, пока он не умрет.

– Как вы к этому относитесь?
Бетина: Я бы не отдала своего ребенка на фигурное катание никогда в жизни.
Сергей: И я. Работал с одной девочкой, она шла на тренировку в семь утра до школы, приходила на каток после школы. И вечером у нее еще одна подкатка с другим тренером.
Бетина: И это нормальное расписание для всех юных фигуристов. Я так же росла. Честно скажу, я бы выбрала детство.
Сергей: Потому что его у нас не было как такового.

– Даже несмотря на то, что вы сейчас в сборной России и выиграли ниверсиаду?
Сергей: Спорно.
Бетина: Никогда не знаешь, что лучше. Это все догадки. Но своему ребенку я бы не хотела такого детства. Возможно, я бы отдала его в спорт, но не стала бы мучить таким количеством подкаток.
Сергей: Я бы отдал в другой вид спорта. Возможно, любительский. Потому что спорт не лечит, спорт калечит. А для поддержания здоровья можно просто ходить на какую-нибудь секцию.
Бетина: Ведь быть спортсменом еще тяжело и психологически.
Сергей: И ничему хорошему там не научат.
Бетина: Да, я пришла в 12 лет из одиночного в танцы …
Сергей: И начала понимать мужчин!
Бетина: Хорошая цитата. Это я так сказала в одном из интервью.

– В 12 лет понимать мужчин неплохо.
Бетина: Но я хотела сказать про другое. В первый же день в танцах я выучила все матерные слова. Абсолютно все.

– То есть до 12 ты их не знала?
Бетина: Не знала. Меня мама возила на каток, я там уроки делала. Потом пришла в танцы, встала в пару с мальчиком, в первый же день выслушала, кто я и что я, куда и как. И потом: «Ага!» (щелкает пальцем). Вот что значили все эти слова!
Сергей: Мои друзья тоже мне говорили, что когда я перешел из одиночников в танцоры, я стал много материться.
Бетина: Танцы, они разлагают.

– Вернемся к подкаткам. Вот я парень, мне 25 лет. Хочу улучшить навык катания на коньках. Сколько будет стоить у тебя, Сергей, позаниматься, часик?
Сергей: 2 – 2.5 тысяч рублей. Для любителей такой ценник. У меня была ученица, которая стала чемпионкой мира среди любителей. Занимались с ней два года. Но есть и те, которые никогда не катались и просто хотят научиться.

Однако сейчас очень много спортсменов, которые закончили с фигурным катанием и просекли эту фишку. У них больше свободного времени, и, возможно, они берут меньше денег. Но сейчас у меня клиентуры ноль.

– Уважаемые читатели, записывайтесь к Сергею Мозгову!

«На ЧМ должна ехать Туктамышева. Но я не тренерский совет. Я Бетина "

Бетина, расскажи о своей дружбе с Лизой Туктамышевой?
Бетина: Мы достаточно близки. Насколько это возможно. Ближе уже никак невозможно. Мы прям лучшие подружки, и поведение у нас очень неформальное, когда мы встречаемся. Это уже на грани неадекватности.

То есть вы творите дичь?
Бетина: Полнейшую!

– Например?
Бетина: Сразу взять и сказать сложно. Проблема в том, что я не считаю это дичью. Для меня это нормально. А Сергей говорит, что я чокнутая.
Сергей: Да не чокнутая. Просто слегка это… Того …

Подруга Туктамышевой сходит с ума. Она катается лучше, чем убирается дома

– Видела конкурс мемов с лизаветой?
Бетина: Да, конечно. Я второй судья. Второй нелегальный судья.

– Какие шутки понравились больше всех?
Бетина: Я в восторге от всех. Захожу на страницу конкурса и умираю со всех этих картинок. Это просто нечто! Лиза и так сама по себе смешная. А тут еще шутки про бойфренда Туктамышевой и герлфренд Лазукина …

– Эта тема смешит больше других?
Бетина: Если честно, это настолько уже достало и въелось, что шутки стали просто легендарными.

– Сама Лиза на это не обижается?
Бетина: Нет, Лизу обидеть достаточно сложно. Вот не отправить ее на чемпионат мира – вот это да. Так можно ее обидеть.

– Что думаешь по поводу ситуации с составом на чемпионат мира у одиночниц?
Бетина: Нехорошо так делать. Надо отправлять Лизу. Но я же не тренерский совет. Я Бетина и повлиять на это никак не могу.
Сергей: Бетина – судья по мемам.
Бетина: Судить мемы – все, что я могу делать (Смеется). Девочка была третьей в финале Гран-при. И это достаточно серьезный результат. В России не так много фигуристок, которые могут похвастаться такими результатами в этом сезоне и стабильным катанием, как у Лизы.

Вообще, все наши девочки молодцы. У нас просто сумасшедшая армия одиночниц… Убийцы. Дай бог, что все получилось у тех, кого отправляют в Японию.

«Планы на остаток карьеры? Покататься на инвалидной коляске»

— Планы на остаток карьеры?
Сергей: Покататься на инвалидной коляске.
Бетина: Потому что с нашими травмами мы многое не вытянем. Но, что можем тянуть — мы будем тянуть.

— На сколько сезонов рассчитываете?
Бетина: Олимпийский цикл точно.

— Долгосрочная цель — отобраться на Игры в Пекин?
Бетина: В Пхенчхане мы были запасными. На следующую Олимпиаду, разумеется, хочется уже ехать. И ехать не просто погулять, а что-то уже показывать.
Сергей: Может быть, даже какую-нибудь медальку… Возможно все. Лед скользкий. Было бы приятно забраться на подиум.

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