File of Saturday .. Preparation for the summit 118 .. The first appearance of Trezeguet .. It is a new task for young people


On Saturday, there were a number of important events, notably Ahli and Zamalek preparing for the 118th Grand Prix, the Arab championships and the World Youth Handball Championship.

Yalla Kora is monitored through the following links, highlights of Saturday's events.

The summit of 118 .. A team of Hungarian referees manages the meeting of Ahli and Zamalek

Recognition by FIFA is unusual. Who is the vertex rule 118?

Top scorers .. Falcon shines in a historical list .. And 5 of the current generation of poles

A source for "Yalla Koura": Zamalek showed interest in the signing of Murad Batna

A source for "Yalla Koura": Khaled Jalal decided to leave Zamalek after the summit

Yalla Koura reveals .. Where do you go? .. The desire of the player and the position of Ahli and move Zamalek

Zamalek renews the interest in Atwa

Source: Lila Koura: "The annual salary" is in front of Zamalek's contract with Enawi

Video .. Trezeguet and Elhamidi acquire a "one run" in the friendly Aston Villa and Charlton

Trezeguet wears the number "25" in his first appearance in the Aston Villa shirt

Aston Villa: the charm of Trezeguet has given us the upper hand

Draw of the Arab championship .. Ismaily in front of Libya .. And the Kuwaiti adventure of the Union

France has cut Egypt's path to the World Cup final with a late victory

Portugal and Egypt rival the gold medal of the World Cup

The next competitor of Egypt. Portugal from the "nothing" of the gold box in the handball world cup


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