FilGoal | News | A source close to a believer reveals his treatment to Joule: no one told him to go to the United Arab Emirates


A source close to the believer Zakaria Al-Ahly has revealed the progress of the treatment program to which the player is subject.

The source told "At the moment, the player runs treatment sessions four times a week."

"Mo & # 39; men is conducting comprehensive tests sent directly to Germany and, based on his best conditions, he will start running around the stadium."

"No believer was informed of his trip to the United Arab Emirates on Thursday."

Moamen Zakaria is off the Ahli list for the new season due to an injury he suffers, and is currently being treated in Germany at intervals.

The 31-year-old only made six appearances last season, before being loaned to a club and quickly borrowed due to an injury.

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