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A group photo of the Ismaili team before the Alexandria Union meeting

An official source in the Ismaili club said that there is a division of opinions about the team’s withdrawal from the league against the background of what happened in the Enppi match, noting that some members demanded not to play the next Pyramids match. This is in exclusive statements to

The source said: “Opinions were divided within the club’s board of directors on the desire to withdraw from the league.”

“Some have demanded that they not go to the Pyramids in the league,” he added.

“In the end, everyone accepted the voice of reason and lodged a formal protest, while awaiting the position of the officials towards what was caused by the judgment of the Enppi meeting and its intransigence against the team.”

He continued, “The club administration decided to be in a continuous session to follow up on the situation towards Safan Al Sagheer, the coach of the guards, as the officials are supposed to take into account the clear injustice that everyone saw inside and outside the stadium by the referee.”

what happened?

Al-Ismaili Club issued an official statement criticizing the referee’s performance against Enppi in the 11th round of the Egyptian League, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Al-Darawish said: “The ruling calculated an incorrect penalty against the Ismaili club is unfounded, and overlooked the calculation of two correct penalties for Ismaili.”

He concluded, “The Board of Directors has not and will not fail to take all necessary measures to preserve the club’s rights and not to repeat that farce.” (See full text of the statement)

Ismaili is currently in ninth place in the Egyptian league standings table with 14 points, while Enby is in eighth with 15 points.

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