FilGoal | News | After a warning of payment or deduction of points, Ismaili intensifies his efforts to resolve the Jaziri crisis

The Ismaili administration, headed by Ibrahim Othman, is stepping up its efforts to reach solutions with Saad Al Jaziri, the former Tunisian playmaker for the team, regarding the settlement of his late financial dues with the club.

This came after Al-Ismaili received a warning that the player’s dues must be paid, otherwise the club will face financial penalties and points deduction.

Ismaili tends to appeal the decision of the International Sports Court by preparing a document portfolio confirming the correctness of his position and his dealings with the Tunisian player.

The International Sports Court has issued a penalty on Ismaili in favor of the Tunisian player by eligibility for 456 thousand dollars, approximately more than 8 million Egyptian pounds, which is the value of his contract in full for 3 seasons.

The Tunisian international joined during the summer transfer period of 2018 from Etihad Bin Qirdan for three seasons.

Ismaili also continues the case of his appeal to the International Sports Court against the decision to fine him 20 million pounds in the crisis of player Ibrahim Hassan.

The Swiss lawyer in charge of the dervish submitted the appeal procedures based on the assignment of Nasr Azzam, the international lawyer assigned by the club’s management to defend his rights in this file.

And Ismaili’s lawyer had received all the documents on the Ibrahim Hassan crisis for the Pyramids player, after the club’s board of directors decided to assign him to defend the club’s rights at the FIFA International Federation in the crisis of fining the club 20 million pounds in favor of the stars as dues in the player’s sale.

Saad Al-Jaziri played for Al-Ismaili club during the first half of the 2018/2019 season, before moving to the Saudi Al-Nahda team.

During 12 matches, only the Tunisian striker played with Ismaili. He scored three goals and was not made.

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