FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly’s doctor reveals: why did Nidved go away for so long .. and Hamdi Fathi needed for 9 months?


Khaled Mahmoud, the Al-Ahly doctor, revealed behind the scenes and many details about the players injured in the team’s ranks.

Al-Ahly’s doctor started his talk on his club’s channel about Saad Samir, who was cut off in the Achilles tendon, saying, “The German surgeon preferred that Saad Samir stay there for Friday until he was injected with the (BRP) stimulant for healing.”

“The player will return to Egypt with a treatment and rehabilitation program and then return to Germany after 4 or 5 weeks to be injected twice with the same stimulating substance,” he noted.

And on the midfielder Hamdi Fathi, who had a cut in the cartilage of the knee, the Al-Ahly doctor explained, “German experts have agreed that (cartilage) the cartilage is the best solution to keep the player for a long-term period, because he is a young player, and the degree of the cut allows the cartilage to be sewn.”

He revealed, “The initial assessment of Hamdi Fathi will be 9 months away from the date of injury, and the player will undergo a new examination under the supervision of the German doctor on January 18, after which he will gradually return with physical loads in order to seek better bending rates for the knee and other strengthening of the muscles and cartilage.”

Khaled Mahmoud also explained the secret of moving the injured Karim Nedved in the cartilage of the knee for a long time, noting, “In the first stage of rehabilitation, the German doctors rushed to the rehabilitation process, which led to the pain that necessitated a second surgery to remove the lining of the knee cartilage.”

“Nedved suffered a runaway knee with the new stage of rehabilitation, which pushed us back with slow and calm physical loads, and then the player started running lightly, followed by other loads of changing directions and jumping on the foot, it is something that needs special rehabilitation, and I think he will return to the stadium Within 4 weeks. “

Turning to Al-Ahly’s doctor, Ramadan Al-Ahly said, “He has had a tear in the posterior muscle by 60% of the diameter of the tendon of the muscle, and the tear is currently healed by 80%.”

He explained, “Ramadan is part of his qualification, and he reached good stages that will start after the Tanta match, an active stage of qualification by running and another special for his position in the stadium, but it must be controlled after his return, and the necessity to recycle dependence on him in the matches, because Ramadan is an enthusiastic player, he wants to participate in Each match is for 90 minutes. “

He added, “Hussein Al-Shahat completes the last part of his rehabilitation program, as he suffers from inflammation in the tendon of the connective muscle and pelvic pain, while Mahmoud Waheed suffers from a bruise in the bones of the foot that threatens a stressful crack, so we preferred to take him medications to reduce the bruise, and Muhammad Mahmoud, who had a cut in the cruciate ligament In advanced stages of qualification. “

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