FilGoal | News | Al-Khatib: What the Al-Ahly players have achieved makes us proud and a tribute to the believer Zakaria


Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly, expressed his club's pride for all the players who have recently achieved results and tournaments, both at club level and at different Egyptian teams.

Al-Khatib stated during the ceremony held in the branch of Al-Ahli in Nasr City on Monday: "We are very happy with the successes achieved by the Ahli children at all levels to increase the name of our club and the name of Egypt" .

"What motivated us is to perpetuate our players' history in winning several tournaments."

He continued, "Proud of all the heroes and those who worked hard and made tournaments that everyone liked, these successes make them proud of themselves and what they achieved because history will write it."

Al-Khatib ended his speech by inviting players to continue their work and diligence for the continued increase in coronation platforms.

During the ceremony, the board of directors of Al Ahli wanted to support the player Momen Zakaria after a video showing the goals of the player.

Al-Khatib and the Ahli Administration were eager to get up and send a special greeting to Mo & # 39; men, who will travel to Germany on September 20 to begin his treatment program.

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