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Abdullah Al-Saeed Najm Pyramids announced the renewal of his contract with the team for a period of 3 years.

Abdullah Al-Saeed’s contract with Pyramids was ending at the end of the current season, but the Egyptian international has already renewed his contract with the team.

Abdullah Al-Saeed said: “Many rumors came out of me throughout the last period, and now everything is over and is continuing with Pyramids.”

“I renewed my contract with Pyramids and is continuing naturally with the team,” he added in his comments on MBC Egypt.

“I received more than one offer from outside Egypt, but the Pyramids administration clung to me, and in the end we reached an agreement and renewed my contract.”

And he continued his speech by saying: “My new contract with Pyramids for 3 years.”

Abdullah Al-Saeed revealed talks by some mediators in order to join Zamalek during the current winter transfer period.

Al-Saeed explained: “I did not speak with any official in Zamalek, but some mediators spoke to me in order to join the team.”

“The Pyramids administration rejected all of these things and held on to me. The conversation with Zamalek was through mediators only, not officials, and there was no official move from Zamalek.”

He continued his speech by saying: “It is an honor for any player to join and play in a large entity like Zamalek. Many wish to play in a team the size and name of Zamalek.”

Will Al-Saeed move to Zamalek next summer? The 34-year-old replied, “Now I am the king of Pyramids. If Zamalek makes an offer for me and Pyramids does not want me to continue with the team, the decision will ultimately be up to them. Everything is possible.”

Al-Saeed denied any negotiations with Al-Ahly to bring him back to the teamHe said, “No, it did not happen at all and I did not ask to return to Al-Ahly.”

He repeated, “There was no dialogue between me and any official or even mediators in order to return to Al-Ahly.”

Al-Saeed touched on his arrival at the club’s 100 goals in the leagueHe said, “I had never concentrated in reaching 100 goals in the league, but I am very happy to have reached this number.”

“I learned that my goal – the Pyramids goal in the Al-Ittihad goal – between the two halves of the match and my most important focus is on victory,” he concluded.

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Al-Saeed moved to Pyramids last January, after his departure from Al-Ahly and his transfer to the Finnish Polisura Cuban and then to the Saudi Grandmother.

Al-Saeed reached his 100th goal in the Egyptian League as the ninth player to succeed in this. (See details)

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