FilGoal | News | Al-Sheikh in a speech to the National Assembly: I was honored by the honorary presidency .. But I was not notified officially of accepting the resignation


Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, published a letter from him to Al-Ahly management, saying that he was honored to chair the honorary club, but the club did not respond to his resignation from it.

Al-Sheikh’s speech said: “I had the honorary presidency granted to me by your board of directors, and I wished to serve the entity and I will continue, God willing.”

“I formally submitted on May 25, 2018 my resignation from the club’s honorary presidency, and I have not been formally notified until the moment of accepting the resignation.”

He added, “I hope from your esteemed council the speedy resolution of the matter and my advice as soon as possible, wishing all the great success and success to our beloved Egypt, goodness and prosperity, and I will continue to love the Al-Ahly club and its fans.”

Turki Al-Sheikh took the post of honorary president of Al-Ahly Club before he resigned from this position several months ago.

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