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Tariq Al-Sheikh, the owner of Pyramids, said his club did not want to include Al Ahly players, appointed by Mohamed Gamal Al-Assi, the club's executive director.

"We do not want the three players serving as a proxy for them, they do not drive them at our expense," Al-Sheikh told Al-Madinah.

"Do not buy them at our expense", he stressed.

Mohamed Jamal Al-Assi is the agent of Ali Maaloul, Junior Ajaye, Walid Azarou and Mohammed Al-Shennawi.

"He is a player who claimed that Pyramids had negotiated with him and that the player would sign for Ahli, but we fired the club despite the condemnation of the club's leadership."

Al-Shaikh added: "It's difficult to get the championship this season, but it's not impossible … I'm a realist, the difference between Zamalek and Pyramids is 12 points, but we're building a team, we want a competition and a fair calendar ".

"Our qualification for the African championship in this season satisfies me, the management believes that the tournament will come after 3 years, but for me the next season is a red line, we want to reach a championship."

"My ambitions for the Arab Union for all Arab clubs, what I am doing in Egypt, I can not do it in Saudi Arabia because of the conflicting weights and interests".

"We think that Pyramids will have a club in Europe, I was offered in Egypt by Tersana and there is another club in the Premier League, but I can not take it because it is in the same league".

"The pyramids were created in 23 days, I was in Zurich and I visited Hossam Al-Badri and Amr Adib, and then Ali Mahmoud Al-Assiuti introduced the idea and impressed me".

"I spoke with Mohammed Al-Assi, we established a management, we chose the players and we kept some of them, we got 95% of the overall size we want for the club".

"He is my personal friend: at the contract level, he is the most expensive coach in Africa and he asked me to test myself for six months with the option to increase the contract for a year to come" said Ramon Diaz.

"My problem with Al-Ahli is like a board of directors, but as an entity it's not a problem, I hope the public understands this."

"With another administration there might not be a problem, and I would also support Zamalek even if his boss was not there, but his presence now increases this cooperation," he said.

"Zamalek tried to sign players from us and we cut the road, and there was a fight for the players, but it's a battle of knights".

"I'm sad, the problem is still in my mind, I'm honest, even if it disturbs anyone, this is his problem," he said.

"We do not want Necid Al Ahli to pay us $ 60 million, if we wanted the boy we would have spent 5 percent of that amount, I would not have fired the coach after a draw with Zamalek."

"I do not have a problem with you, I have a problem with people in the club, I look at what happened this season and you know that God is big and fair, but for the Egyptian public, put your hands in the hands of the football federation. , and be happy Abdullah. "

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