FilGoal | News | Clearing in Joule: we support the statement of Al-Ahli .. We do not want further delays


Egypt is canceling Al-Ahli's statement about his request not to play his league games until Zamalek collides after the game has been postponed.

Al-Ahly issued a statement, refusing to play any league game before meeting Zamalek.

"I ask the Football Association to keep its promise to keep the games on time and not to postpone", Egyptian director Bakri Selim told

"The security authorities have requested that the summit be postponed due to special circumstances, so it is necessary to continue the matches of the fourth round as they are and not to postpone other matches."

"The Football Association must study all its decisions so as not to enter the championship cycle that happened last season."

Egypt beat Al Masri Thursday 1-0 in the fourth round of the league game at the Al Jaish stadium in Suez.

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