FilGoal | News | CSKA Sofia told Al-Joule: Al-Ahly’s inquiry about Sui has not developed … and we will not sell it


Bulgarian sports manager CSKA Sofia Stoysho Stoilov denied the development of Al-Ahly’s inquiry about his Jambian striker, Ali Soe, in the past hours.

In his comments to, the sports director stressed the club’s intention not to sell its scorer.

“There was an inquiry from Al-Ahly in the past hours about the player,” Stoilov told

“But the coach, Milos Krocic, confirmed his refusal to sell Sui, and this is the club’s position,” he said.

He concluded, “I have no information about the presence of one of the representatives of Al-Ahly to negotiate with us to include Sui, and we cannot comment on any material details because what we received from Al-Ahly was only an inquiry about our intention to sell it.”

Ali Sui, the 25-year-old joined CSKA Sofia on loan first before the Bulgarian club activated the condition of eligibility to purchase and included him permanently in January last year.

Sui has participated in 24 games this season in the League and European League and succeeded in scoring 8 goals and making two goals.

Ali Soui has played 6 internationals in the Gambian national team jersey, most recently against Djibouti in the African qualifiers for the next African Nations.

The 25-year-old did not score in any match with his country’s national team jersey.

Al-Ahly is looking for a striker at the moment, based on instructions from coach Rene Vyler.

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