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The objectives come from all directions and in all ways, from the depth of the stadium and limbs and from long shots, but also from fixed kicks.

This is what Zamalek played in his previous games under the leadership of Serbian coach Milutin Sredovi "" Micho ", who took control of the whites before three matches.

Zamalek and his coach are preparing to face the Pyramids in the final of the Egyptian Cup on Sunday.

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Different ways to score goals and places to attack the stadium and to rely on more than one key to play. These are the highlights of Zamalek under Meizhou.

Now before the pyramids face the final of the Egyptian Cup shows you the highlights of Zamalek's attack points and how to score goals against Meizhou, The most important players with the Serbian coach.

Zamalek played with Meizhou 3 games in which he scored 8 goals.

The beginning took place with the return leg of the first preliminary round of the African Champions League against Somali champion Decadha and ended with a 6-0 victory over the white.

Then he faces the quarter-finals of the Cup against Egypt for having eliminated and won without response, and the same result was repeated in the semifinal against Al Ittihad to qualify for the final match of the tournament against the Pyramids.

Penetration from the back The way Zamalek scored his goals with Meizhou by 4 goals, then comes the active left front white man and strong with Meizhou, through which he scored three goals.

Even shots from outside the area were present for Zamalek and led to two goals.

Zamalek 6-0 Decadha

The first goal against the Somali hero came from a deep penetration and scored by Mustafa Mohamed after a pass by Ashraf Bensharqi.

The second goal came following the extraordinary activity of Zamalek on the left front under Meizhou, in particular with the launch of Abdullah Gomaa, who sent a cross against Mustafa Mohamed with a header on the net.

Zamalek returned to the deep goals in the third goal scored by Shikabala after dodging the Somali team's defense.

Abdallah Gomaa's start-up left-footers led to a fourth goal for Zamalek after he sent a cross to Shikabala and scored the goal.

A fifth penalty from defender Mahmoud Alaa was preceded by his departure from the center of the stadium for the Moroccan Ashraf Bencharki and by a turn on the right side of Chikabala which suffered the attack inside the stadium. area.

In order to vary the ways of scoring goals Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, hexagonal Zamalek concluded with a shot from outside the penalty area.

Zamalek 1-0 compensation

Another powerful shot out of the penalty area, including Zamalek, scored a marvelous goal ahead of Abdullah Gomaa's clearing that led the white team to the semi-finals of the Egyptian Cup.

Zamalek's attacks on compensation were also varied, with three attacks on the right but incomplete.

9 attempts from the back of which 4 completed correctly on goal and an incomplete attack on the left.


Zamalek 1-0 Al Ittihad

In a 120-minute game, Zamalek defeated Al Ittihad of Alexandria 1-0, coming from a corner of Shikabala and Mustafa Mohamed kicking the net.

Zamalek scored in the Ittihad a goal but tried Imad Sayed 30 times.

7 attacks for the white on the right, 5 ended with shots between the pole and the bar, against 4 attempts from the left, all incomplete shots between the frame.

The lion's share of Zamalek's attacks against Al-Ittihad was from the depths of the field by 20 attempts, 7 of which ended with shots on goal and led to the winning goal, and 13 ended with shots off the post and from the bar.



Zamalek's eight goals under Meicho led by Mustafa Mohamed scored three goals, a double for Shikabala and a goal for Abdullah Gomaa, Mahmoud Alaa and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz "Zizo".

Therefore, Pyramids must be very careful in the face of the multiple ways in which Zamalek attacks and scores goals during the final of the Egyptian Cup.

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